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  1. MA LTC course schedule

    September Classes are scheduled
  2. MA LTC course schedule

    September 2020 dates are posted on our website for the NRA Home Firearms Safety Class. As always if you have a group send us an email or call and we can set up a private class. https://graniteguardsman.com/education-and-training
  3. Local Firearms Safety Instructors

    Rick Pacheco - Granite Guardsman LLC NRA Home Firearms Safety - Fall River, MA schedule is posted on our website https://graniteguardsman.com/education-and-training
  4. KSA 91/30 Mini-Mosin

    They lost my interest when I realized it was a single shot. If the mag was functional I’d probably be willing to pay double what they’re getting.
  5. Selling Stripped Glock Frame In MA Question

    You are 100% correct, and you are free not to cover your ass and risk being the test case in a state where the AG and a good part of your peers would be fine with going outside of the letter of the law to screw you. I for one wouldn’t do it nor would I recommend that anyone else do it...
  6. Selling Stripped Glock Frame In MA Question

    Which is why I said “generate a LTC validation” as opposed to fill out an FA-10. By using the validation check you cover your ass by making sure the license is gtg, and it actually gives you a state generated pdf that you can keep for your records with a bill of sale. Remember it’s not paranoia...
  7. Selling Stripped Glock Frame In MA Question

    This is the problem with the whole stripped frame issue in MA. If it turns out the person he sells it to doesn’t have a valid LTC and somehow the state figures it out, you can bet they’ll make him a test case. While IANAL, my advice would be at minimum use the fa-10 portal to generate a LTC...
  8. was Stechkin pistol ever imported in semi?

    You would have to make a completely new receiver in such a way that full auto parts could not be added without machining, have ATF review your design and then it would be a legal title 1 firearm
  9. How many guns do you take to the range?

    Depends on the trip, never just one, sometimes too many
  10. What kind of fanboy are you?

    I clicked on this thread hoping to chat about New Kids on the Block, but apparently you meant what gun manufacturers do I like. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I love H&K firearms but I tend to shy away from them because of their corporate hatred towards freedom. I have a love for magnum...
  11. New gun out of Czech republic

    Looks like a interesting design, I’d like to handle one once they become available.
  12. Ammo Armor Magazine Covers... ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR EDC!

    Seem like a solution in search of a problem, I clean my mags when I clean the gun, it only takes an extra minute or so to wipe them down.
  13. Making an AR-10 Lower from Melted Brass Casings

    That’s just Awesome. Wish I had the space and talent for stuff like that
  14. Fudd Quotes at The Range

    Sometimes the “Operators” on the range can be just as annoying as the fudds
  15. Snopes

    I have to agree that the picture is plausible, if you have the chainsaw bayonet and you jam that sucker in and twist it that hole size might even be on the small side
  16. Fudd Quotes at The Range

    I had someone ask me if I’d ever heard of Thompson contender/encore pistols that you could just buy a barrel in any caliber and swap them out. I said yes, it’s a pretty cool concept. I was unprepared for the follow up asking if I was concerned about the possibility someone could commit a murder...
  17. ERPO: must your turn in guns from out of state?

    I have but three words in response to this: Eighty Percent Lower
  18. Lost my dear wife

    I know there are no words which can ease the pain you must feel. You have my condolences and my prayers. May she Rest In Peace .
  19. Found an old model 6

    If you really feel the need to clean it up, get some bronze or really fine steel wool, hand rub it with either 3 in 1 oil or a gun oil of your choice just to remove and halt the corrosion. Other than that I wouldn’t restore anything.
  20. Mossberg dumps Dick's

    It’s nice to see the that industry is beginning to realize that the threat is real. We as gun owners and enthusiasts need to continue to push back, the days of not taking it seriously should be behind us, hopefully for good. I don’t know if it will help or not but I fired off an email to...
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