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  1. SOLD Ruger Mini-14 Model# 0855 556 NATO -

  2. WTB S&W Model 18 22LR

    Looking for a 4" Blue S&W Model 18 6 shot 22lr
  3. RIP Sean Connery

    Dies @ 90. Loved watching all his James Bond movies, he will be missed.
  4. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    So guys, is time to push the panic button?
  5. Brownell Retro Colt 4X21 Handle Scope

    Brownell's is shipping their exact copy of the old Colt 4X21 SP1/M16 scope. Made by the same Japanese Company that made them back in the 60's/70's but all new parts obviously. Anyone try one of these yet?
  6. 1966 SP1 Ammo Question

    Got some conflicting information on 223/556 ammo in my AR15. I have a very early 1966 Colt SP1 100% original marked 223 Caliber. I presumed I cannot shoot 556 ammo in my rifle based on recent articles stating I could blow it up. A guy @ my gun club told me that is not an issue with the early...
  7. 100 % ers; is it worth getting the Military ID Card

    Just curious what the benefits are to getting the ID card. I know it opens the door to the PX and Commissary(I was told the sales their are not great). What else can you use the card for?
  8. New Sig P365

    First Look: SIG Sauer P365 Sig just came out with a new Micro Striker Fired 9mm with a 10 rd mag. First looks are very impressive.
  9. Shield 45 $75 Rebate Came Today!

    Filed on-line April 5th Now decisions, decisions. What do I blow the money on: Mags? Ammo? Apex Sear? Bottle of Single Malt Scotch? Hmmmmmm, Scotch wins!
  10. S&W Cash Rebates

    FYI. Can't remember the last time Smith & Wesson had a cash rebate. Begins 4/1
  11. Will they cave in and switch their votes to Killery?

    Death threats pouring in. http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/electoral-college-voters-deluged-with-death-threats/
  12. Where the hell is all the 223?

    Guess I missed something, every ammo wholesaler across the country is out of 223/556. Here we go again!!
  13. MA to NH Transfer

    I want to give my 22cal rifle to a friend of mine in NH, how do I make the transfer from MA so it is registered to him. He is properly licensed in NH so nothing illegal here. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  14. 40 yr LTC Holder; renewal denied last week

    A good friend of mine and an avid shooter for many many years called to check on why his renewal was taking over 6 months. 3 days later the State returned his call to inform him that his LTC has been denied due a DUI conviction in 1995. Sooooo between 1995 and now why was he continually...
  15. New Sig 45ACP P227 on the Market

    Comes in three flavors. Comes with a standard 10rd mag and for you non-MA folks you can get an optional 14rd mag. It looks like a P226 http://sigsauer.com/CatalogProductList/pistols-p227.aspx
  16. LTC Expired thanks to delays, now what?

    My PD said hopefully by Mid August I will get my renewal (Expired today). So guys does this mean I cannot sell or purchase firearms? What about ammo and ammo components? Filed April 1, got my interview May 1 (picture and prints). I was assured by the LEO that there is a 90 day grace period...
  17. New Rules in NoShore Town for LTC

    A friend of mine went to his PD to renew his Class A LTC (had it for over 50 Yrs). The desk officer told him in order to get an Unrestricted Class A in His Town the applicant must send a letter to the Chief of Police explaining why he life is in eminent danger or severely threatened that would...
  18. NES Classifieds Problem

    Ever since the 29th of Dec. I have been unable to access the classified adds, is it gone or has access changed?
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