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  1. WTB Looking for Mosin Carbine

    My search for the m44 carbine has ended. Thanks for the various replies of leads. I found a nice one outside of the forum.
  2. Govt surveillance

    Don’t know if this is a dupe but it is concerningExclusive: Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App
  3. Man arrested in Essex Mass for carrying shotgun

    Interesting tale of woe. It may have been 5,747 rounds or possibly 5,745. How many man hours to count them all? Essex police seize 6 guns, 5,746 rounds of ammo
  4. Gun sanctuaries catch on

    Those who honor the Constitution are increasingly at odds with those who do not. Second Amendment 'sanctuary county' movement expands as organizers take aim at new gun laws
  5. AR15 Upper build question (legal stuff)

    First off I'm in Massachusetts. I recently picked up a near mint Colt R6500 AR15-A2. The gun was manufactured in 1987 (Pre AWB of 94) I plan to put the existing upper away and build an upper for everyday use. I have a couple questions for the members here: 1. Can my new upper for this gun...
  6. Mass registration question

    i'm new to the forum and NES. I recently purchased a used preban (94) rifle from another Mass resident. We used the Mass online transfer portal and both entered all the required info. I was able to print out a record of the transaction. My question is does this suffice as a "registration" of my...
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