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  1. New Acquisitions August 2018

    Have Same two , Just picked up the 45 cal Version this month the 457 .....love this series
  2. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    Just picked up this sweet a** Ruger gp 100 . Another item checked off the list of favorites ...[smile]
  3. RI Non-Resident

    Ok so let's give out some not so important details . Basically I filled out app in my border town of Tiverton . The chief is gun friendly and also one of very few in RI who will still issue license . You have to find a local Pd who will issue is your best bet , not 100% confirmed but have read...
  4. RI Non-Resident

    Pm sent
  5. RI Non-Resident

    Obtained my out of State RI ltc no restriction's picked up yesterday took 46 days . Went through town not AG . Application is alot worse than any other state i posses .... But to finally have is a great thing .
  6. NES sweat shirts

    bought one a few years back just looking if anyone has them for sale or is anyone doing a buy anytime soon ??
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