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  1. Adams Arms Out of Business

    did you read the entire article? "It was announced and advertised at the beginning of April that Adams Arms LLC’s assets would be auctioned as a turn-key operation, including all tangible and intangible assets. AA Holdings will continue the Adams Arms brand. AA Holdings will fulfill all...
  2. Our friend at the North Attleboro LGS in the news...

    Which is funny because when he found out I carried on a preban Glock 20 mag, he flipped out on me
  3. Revere MA? Info for Friend Needed

    That LTC Scorecard doesn't have this break down. This is the one I was talking about.
  4. Revere MA? Info for Friend Needed

    where did you find the second picture you screenshot? The one that lays out how many of each license....
  5. WTS Glock 21 Gen 3 .45 acp

    This isn't the classifieds section....
  6. ATF Agent Gets Arrested, Video from Officer Cams

    because if my daughter is going door to door selling cookies, she has a sidearm on her, and that her presence is reported as someone potentially impersonating a police officer.
  7. Disney’s Soul movie

    Here's a central message: wrong forum.
  8. Traveling from Massachusetts to Wisconsin. FOPA in New York.

    I'd think the glovebox would violate FOPA. From FOPA itself: " during such transportation the firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle...
  9. Closed ******Green pastures........edit** karma , free stuff here

    In. As hard as it may be, good for you for sticking to your beliefs, and not changing for some strange.
  10. Letter of personal reference

    I wrote one for a friend. He lived in a town where I actually knew the licensing officer. I made sure to work in some stuff to make the letter a bit more light hearted like making questionable decisions like always buying gas station sushi" lol
  11. Mail in Voting going well

    posting in the correct forum is ALSO going well....
  12. Quincy MA restriction

    I'd rather take the direct approach than leave a line in there that basically says "feel free to ask me to elaborate more" because in latter version here you've opened the door for the CLEO to push back, whereas the former version you are following what they said initially (removal at 25 years...
  13. Take the gun lock off and load your gun; better yet - stay in your damn car

    true, true on the net worth being a gatekeeper to proceeding, but I would wager that the research to find that information happens more often than people want to underplay it. It just turns out that people aren't worth as much as someone looking for a pay day realizes.
  14. Take the gun lock off and load your gun; better yet - stay in your damn car

    Mr. Taylor 'bout to get sued by Mr. Abell's estate in 3....2....1....
  15. Newbury Comics release AOC comic?

    buy them and then flip them at a higher price to AOC fans. This is limited to 500.
  16. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    I feel like Watertown, Brookline and Boston are the largest of the "holdout" towns. I know that as of 2016, Brookline is doing what Watertown here said. I had a business school classmate who was told the same thing by Brookline.
  17. Emma Peel won't be down for brealfast

    Its also a sad day for posting in the correct forum....
  18. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    My wife's family swears by that place. I do NOT understand what people see in that pizza. Middle of the road at best.
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