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  1. Anyone watches "Blue bloods"?

    I don't post often but when I do I watch Blue Bloods.
  2. Moving within Mass

    I am happy - - - Updated - - - I am happy
  3. CLOSED: Karma to win a green membership! Green members will win something too!

    Thank you for the chance to win green membership.
  4. George Jones Just Passed

    RIP George,we love your music and will always.
  5. interesting read on our "gun valley"

    Great e mail with the facts Mike
  6. Sig Fans - P239, P229, P226, or P220...and why?

    239 in 9mm great for old arthrtic hands.
  7. Obama: Newtown Shooter Gunned Down 20 Children With 'Fully Automatic Weapon'

    Maybe he could get run over by a semi[smile]
  8. Congressional Democrat leader thinks Mag's are single use.

    I was robbed no ammo in mine[grin][grin]
  9. Live from the Rally

    I want to thank you all for atending.
  10. Roy Rogers Hat Gun

    Roy Rogers was one of my hero's.
  11. Roy Rogers Hat Gun

    Roy Rodgers was one of my hero's.
  12. so who's drinkin what?

    Black coffee right now.
  13. Ma special senate election

    What Len S said.
  14. 130 days after my interview, mt LTC is finally in my pocket!! (Attleboro)

    Glad you could join our ranks,have fun buying your first firearms.
  15. so who's drinkin what?

    Sam Adams right now.
  16. Billionaire outbids Obama donor for the Outdoor Channel

    Hoo rah I love The Outdoor Channel.
  17. SIG conceal carry recommendations

    I have a Sig 239 in 9mm.
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