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  1. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  2. Modern Warfare 2 Xbox360 NES night thread

    I get on random nights, but if anyone ever wants to play my tag is SidMc01. Always down for a game when I can get the time
  3. Hanson Rod & Gun Club Sportmans Show

    will guns be sold at the event?
  4. How many five year olds could you take on in a fight?

    You could take on 34 five year old kids in a fight.
  5. Who here is a zombie nerd?

    SEND MORE PARAMEDICS I like zombie games when I stumble across them, but I am a HUGE fan of the movie genre. I'm kind of a horror nerd (and death metal nerd to boot) and have been a big fan for probably 18 years. Zombies are somehow creepier because they are essentially normal, every day...
  6. Classic Movie Lines

    You'll get nothing, and like it!
  7. 9mm(92 owners)

    I bought a new 92 at Four Seasons on Tuesday. This week I have run a few hundred rounds of different brands through it with no problems whatsoever. The only problem I have is that I cant get decent groups at all with this gun. Felt great in my hands at the shop but when it comes to shooting it...
  8. I hate getting a bad haircut!!!

    The Gillette Fusion every 3 or 4 days does the trick. I can't be bothered with hair anymore. When I was younger I had really long hair and went to get it cut at a salon. First and last time I ever did that. Apparently "just clean up the ends" means something different to that butcher...
  9. THE M&P Family

    I want one of the full size in 9mm but will probably wait until I leave mass in a month. Very nice looking guns
  10. A "Did you know?" thread

    The first TV couple to sleep in the same bed was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
  11. A "Did you know?" thread

    If you pet a cat 70 million times, you will have developed enough static electricity to light a 60-watt light bulb for one minute.
  12. A "Did you know?" thread

    Thats also the same reason they downtuned the guitar and got the infamous Black Sabbath sound. I must say I am rather glad it happend to him for the sake of music. And it's Iommi I believe ;)
  13. Who's hotter, Lily or Morticia?

    I saw Butch Patrick at the World of Wheels last weekend. It was rather frightening when you are so used to him as young Eddy Munster and then you see him at a car show looking old and rather creepy hah. And, as for the 2, I had crushes on both of them growing up even though the show was way...
  14. Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 454 Casull 2.5" barrel

    That is a thing of beauty.
  15. You're asleep in bed and......

    I grew up with Great Danes, usually kept people from going anywhere near the house. Awesome breed. Flashlight and GP100 right by the bedside, but they have to make it past Brandy first He is a great dog but gets quite the attitude if some one he doesn't know comes in the house.
  16. Ame's Rifle& Pistol in Easton Ma

    I didn't notice this anywhere on the website so figured i would ask here before emailing the club. How much is it to join for the first year? With yearly dues, initiation fees and all of that combined? Been thinking of joining Hanson but this seems like a great club with some nicer features...
  17. Oh come all ye faithful

    I saw them play that on Leno the other day. It was one of the best things I have ever seen on TV. I was just waiting for Neidermeyer to pop out hah. "I have a good mind to slap your fat face...What do you want to do with your life?!?"
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