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  1. Sig Sauer buy one get one

    Does anyone know of any MA FFLs that are participating in this promotion?
  2. Goodbye takedown detent spring

    That thing went flying! working on my first build, had to order some additional pins, added some extra springs to the order too!
  3. Future Plans

    Any plans in the coming days for some kind of online inventory? Even a basic "What's new in stock" page on the website that was updated periodically would be great.
  4. Trying to find specific guns

    Hi Everyone, I have been looking for a couple guns for a while (Ruger GP100/357/6 inch/stainless and S&W/617/22lr/6inch/stainless) and have never seen either in the shops I normally frequent. Are there any shops that will try to order these, or is it really hard to order a specific gun right...
  5. SIG 1911 Fail to Load

    Hi All, Picked up a new Sig 1911 today and had about 10 FTL out of the 50 rounds I shot. This pic is not my gun but is a perfect example of the issue I had. Any suggestions other than a good cleaning which I am about to do?
  6. North Shore Firearms AMMO Availability

    They have 9mm, .223 (several varieties), and 45ACP as of 9:30am Thursday the 21st.
  7. AR15 build, pinning stock / attaching brake

    Hi All, I've started my first build and I had a question on the stock/brake. I ordered a Magpul MOE stock, and an "Izzy" brake. Can someone please explain to me when to have this things done? Do i just take the stock, barrel, and brake to a gunsmith and have it done before I complete the...
  8. Pro-Gun people are amazingly friendly to each other

    In the past week since I got my LTC I have been to 4 gun shops (bought 3 guns), the range twice, and the Wilmington Gun show. What I have learned is that the people at these places seem to be some of the nicest people I have ever met. Normally out in public most people are reserved, focused on...
  9. How do you secure your weapons for travel?

    Hi ALl, Right now I have 3 firearms, and dealing with 3 different cable locks is starting to be a pain in the ass. What do you do? Trigger locks keyed alike? Skip the individual locks and get a travel case that is lockable?
  10. Revolver recommendations requested

    Hi All, I'd like to get some recommendations on what to get for a "first revolver". Here is my current collection: Ruger SR22 Sig P226 S&W M&P15-22 I was initially looking at the S&W 617, but then I started to doubt that idea because I don't necessarily want so many of my guns to be 22lr.
  11. S&W M&P15-22 in stock at Collectors in Stoneham

    Just bought one, thought others might be looking.
  12. Locking cabinet from a store with inside delivery

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a good place where I can get a locking cabinet (for ammo) that will do an inside delivery? I was interested in this one at Lowes, but the best they will do is drop it in the driveway.
  13. Ordered a safe!

    I don't have my LTC yet but I ordered a Lincoln 25 from Liberty Safe! Unfortunately there is a 16-20 week lead time! So I'm sure I should have my LTC by then, right? Right!? :)
  14. ‘Firearms instructor’ hired as school guard leaves handgun in student bathroom

    Whoops! Also - why was it unloaded?
  15. Anti's march on Washington Jan 21st. So basically, request a ban. GFY.
  16. LTC-A in process (finally)

    After a few failed attempts due to the LEO being out for the holidays I finally managed to get my application submitted today. The process was pretty quick and very smooth, I live in a green town and the LEO glanced at my justification and then just put ALP in the computer. Photo and...
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