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  1. Old FID Card....still Valid?

    The wife has a FID card from around 1980 that says the expiration date is "Indefinite". Is it still valid or does she need to reapply? Thanks
  2. AG Garland Will Target Domestic Terrorism

    How about targeting BLM and Antifa? They are a much bigger problem.
  3. Ruger

  4. Goodbye my friend

    Just went through this, and my condolences to you and your family.
  5. What's comparable to Mini-Mags?

    I just finished some CCI Mini Mags from 1976. 100% reliable. Bought them from K-Mart in Milford MA.
  6. Ammo stolen lesson learned - update: received

    THIS^ I hate FEDX
  7. Should the State House be Passing Legislation While Closed to the Public?

    The outcome of a one party state. The majority like it this way.
  8. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Back in the 1960's, every hardware store sold ammunition. Before 1968, you could buy mail order guns too.
  9. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Dwyers Sportland on Water Street in Milford MA. Bought my first gun there in 1972, a Remington Nylon 66 .22 caliber rifle. Dwyers is long gone, but I still have the gun.......:)
  10. Massachusetts Liberal Climate Bill PASSES !

    Baker is passing all the woke bills in preparation for a presidential run. That way he has liberal street cred in the bank. He will leave Mass. in a pickle like Romney did.
  11. I passed the NH bar exam!

    Well done and a big accomplishment!
  12. Straw Purchase??? Me buying a gun, not for me... 4 scenarios

    Fifth scenario: Reptile gets 3-5 in the big house.
  13. Colt Commander, Burl and Bullfrog pics.

    You have tremendous skills, and thanks for sharing!
  14. Open Carry v Concealed Carry - Legal / permit

    Texasgrillchef - you need to GO GREEN.
  15. Build a Legal AR-15 in MA

    You need to join and become a green member.
  16. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    The COVID thing is really helping Biden by keeping him secluded and out of the public eye. The more he is exposed, the more gaffes and mistakes he makes. He is washed up and burned out, and does not have the energy to do the POTUS job.
  17. MA Gunsmith for Pin & Weld

    Tim Gostling at Gartman Arms
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