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  1. WTS Apple iPad Mini 3 64GB Wi-Fi

    For sales iPad mini 3 64gig gold still like new comes with screen protector and red Smart case and also all original items and box $450 More info here:The Apple iPad Mini 3 64GB Wi-Fi is small, fast and loaded with features. It has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for unlocking the...
  2. Springfield XDS-9

    The new xds 9
  3. Bullet through the wall

    Police were called to 46 Upham Street this morning after a 44-year-old homeowner and his 34-year-old wife realized their home and one of their vehicles were struck by bullets overnight. More here with pics
  4. Legalizes Shooting Cops!?

    "In Indiana it has become legal to shoot a police officer if they unlawfully enter one's home. The controversial gun law is the first of its kind in the United States and has many law enforcement officials unhappy with the recent ruling. The National Rifle Association was a strong supporter of...
  5. Sh*t Got Real: People Turning Super Soakers Into Guns!
  6. LTC Question on moving to NH

    I mite be moving to Nh and I want to know what do I do with my ltc's I have a Ma ltc and a Nh non resident ltc any info would help
  7. S&W bodyguard .380

    S&W bodyguard .380 Any one know where they have them in stock
  8. looking for a glock 26 holster

    Need a glock 26 holster would like a black hawk level 2, but open to others
  9. Help looking for M&P 15-22

    Any one know where I can find a new M&P 15-22 for a good price would like to get one for range use. Thanks in advance
  10. HELP sell a gun in New Hampshire

    help!!! am from MA what do I have to do to sell a gun in New Hampshire person ?
  11. good deal on ammunition check it

    I was checking out this site it has good deals on some ammunition check it *deleted*
  12. call of duty Modern warfare 3 coming out 2011

    Check it this is not black ops
  13. question on restriction ltc

    I have a restricted a-class ltc well my question is can I carry from home to range??
  14. HELP restricted ltc

    Hi everyone I got a A class ltc restricted to sporting I need help and advice to see what can I do to get it unrestricted with out spending a lot of $$$$ any and everything will help thanks in advance.
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