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  1. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  2. WTS Apple iPad Mini 3 64GB Wi-Fi

    For sales iPad mini 3 64gig gold still like new comes with screen protector and red Smart case and also all original items and box $450 More info here:The Apple iPad Mini 3 64GB Wi-Fi is small, fast and loaded with features. It has the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for unlocking the...
  3. Glocks in Mass

  4. Shield Carry Package

  5. Mall Ninja Operator pics w/guns

    This hahahaha
  6. M4 for blondes

  7. Another version of the Glock 26L

  8. Bass Pro wouldn't sell me a gun today UPDATE Post 56

    quick question does anyone know if bass pro will do a transfer from person to person tried calling them and the call's don't even go through something is wrong with your phone
  9. play on the gay rights fb pic

  10. Shady sellers on eBay...and the general misinformed

    that's why I never open a claim I just call them straight up,I bought some beats headset and I ended up getting a big rock instead and yes that sucked lol so I called them and told them I'm not hanging up to I get my money and I got it,also if you do it through papal they could get you your...
  11. Shady sellers on eBay...and the general misinformed

    you could get your money back just call ebay report the seller ,they try to burn me 2 *times when I got the items I called ebay and told them 20 minutes later had the money back and they were kicked off
  12. selling ammo

    ^^^this lol
  13. Ever wanted to try USPSA/IPSC Shooting?

    Same here lol
  14. Sig Fans - P239, P229, P226, or P220...and why?

    If you could get your hands on one of the new p228 M11-A1 ( ) get it if not go with p229 ( )But either way whichever sig you get there all good
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