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  1. MA last in gun ownership

    CBS news gun study, MA last in gun ownerships with only 14.7% of the population. They also go on to say, they really don't know.
  2. Gunsmith on the North Shore

    Have developed a hair trigger in my S&W 629 .44 mag, doesn't even require a trigger pull when the hammer is cocked, a soft tap on the side will drop the hammer.
  3. Buying a Gun in Switzerland

    The Liberals are always saying we should be more like Switzerland, maybe I agree with them! They have forbidden weapons - they deem a silencer and a slingshot the same category. To get the forbidden weapon you need to fill out TWO pieces of paper!
  4. Surgery prep - what to do with the armory? JIC

    I go in for surgery next week on a broken heel. Being the doom and gloom prepper I'm concerned if the worst happens what happens to all my weapons and ammo? I don't have anyone in the family licensed in MA, most live in NH. The last thing I want is for my wife to get jammed up by some legal...
  5. Someone in South Carolina wants to out CCW holders

    More scary gun control tactics attempted
  6. Utah non resident CCW?

    Did the non resident permitting get eliminated for MA? I haven't seen any classes recently and the Utah website says they don't issue for non residents that don't live in a reciprocity state.
  7. Reminder: Carry at home

    It may save your life.
  8. NRA convention - murder, death, destruction

    Not. Didn't see this one posted. Sudden drop in crime when NRA convention comes to town.
  9. Self defense story from home invasion

    Found this story from the victim pretty thorough and compelling. Read the comments after as well. Lots of things to think about.
  10. El Chapo has a 50 Cal from Fast and Furious

    oops Of course they have to go with the dramatic headline
  11. NOLA Katrina gun grab. reminder

    As we move into the bad weather time of year, this video is a good reminder of what can happen when .gov gets out of control. Many people say all the time "no one is coming for your guns", but they just haven't had the right scenario yet. This is the ultimate anti gun zealots dream.
  12. Mag holder in a pinch!

    With recent events, I decided I wanted to carry a couple of extra mags for my G19, however I didn't have any extra mag holders. I took a "fast mag" holder from my AR and found 2 double stacks fit in it perfectly, nice and tight but still able to pull out quickly. Just thought I'd throw it our...
  13. New Glock, New Glasses - Range Fail....

    Picked up a new Glock the other day, also picked up new glasses (first time having glasses) went to the range, took me 30 rounds to hit the paper from 50 feet! Humble pie was not tasty. All was well after the initial shock. Anyone else have that issue?
  14. School me on AK47's

    I've decided I want to get an AK47, need some expert NES Feedback on what to look for and what to look out for. Budget up to $2000 with some accessories. I don't want to build something (Still trying to get my SKS working).
  15. Uh Oh, (Update post 48) Cleaning up the safe and the wife came in!

    Thought I was in big trouble but she surprised me and said "It's awful crowded in there, don't you think you need a bigger safe"!!! She was not as enthusiastic when I opened the second safe that is also awfully crowded. But did suggest we get one big safe that could hold everything. oh, and she...
  16. Miculek - 1000 yards 929 9MM revolver!

    Off hand, balloon hit on second shot, aimed 150 feet above target!
  17. More Gun laws = fewer deaths

    For your reading pleasure States with the most gun control laws have the fewest gun-related deaths
  18. Five family members shot In NY

    Retaliation for the daughter filing a complaint after they threw a milkshake in her face. Five family members shot I guess they had to attack them in a group because of the 5/7 round mag limit.
  19. Why Men get a bang out of guns

    Not sure what category to put this guy in, but I'm sure we have many members that can relate to him. Yes, it's a Mens Health article
  20. How soon to apply for renewal?

    I'm coming up on the expiration of my LTC A unrestricted, how soon should I be putting in my renewal paperwork?
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