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  1. SBR question now that things are getting more and more precarious

    So since the AG defined a SBR as a "firearm" subject to eeops, etc, etc... this should change how its handled under the transportation rules as well such that you could drive with one loaded in your direct control as opposed to a high capacity rifle or shotgun which would have to be in the...
  2. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    Fresh off the press from the NSSF Pullman Arms et al. v. Attorney General Healey Case Description Along with four retail stores, including Pullman Arms, Grrr! Gear, Guns and Gear and Paper City Firearms, the National Shooting Sports Foundation brought an action in federal court in 2016...
  3. AK bending fixture

    Any if you folks local to the 90/91 area in MA have an AK bending fixture? Ive got some flats that need some loving.
  4. SBR ownership date requests

    So in SBR'ing my 15-22 I am getting a request that I prove ownership prior to 6/20. I could have bought one of these last week and done the same. Am I missing something here.
  5. Tatan tactical shooter's idiotic response to Glamour mag interview at shot

    This is about as dumb as it gets folks....
  6. Wondering if the state has given up on the eeops list

    were creeping up pretty quickly on 6 months since their last update. Kinda like the preference they gave to updating the FA-10's once the printer stopped making copies.
  7. Buying pcc lowers for a rainy day (post healy ban)

    Buying a PCC lower only on a 4473 simply because its a deal and you want to hold onto it for a rainy day before building it. Think it passes muster since it won't hit a fa-10 until built and could be built into a bolt action upper.
  8. S&W Shield 45!

    this looks pretty cool. The 9 and 40 have been big sellers so I can't wait for the 45.
  9. We made it! DaVinci Arms is a finalist!!

    So as some of you guys know were a new startup that grew out of a small business innovation research grant funded by the NAVY to develop suppressors based on our experience in aerospace jet engine fluid dynamics. The last handful of months or so we have been in a startup accelerator based in...
  10. Side by side of our new 22 can vs the silencerco Spectre II

    Ill have some more in depth vids being shot next week! For those of you that can run a can we will have a special for the GREEN members :)
  11. FPC destroys bill for regulating 80% lowers in cali

    The AK shit shovel is FAMOUS!
  12. Bedside safe for house with toddlers

    Like the title says... how are you going about securing your HD pistol or long gun from toddlers that get into everything?
  13. M16 LPK's

    Who makes one of the better M16 LPK's. Ive seen bushmasters stuff but wasn't sure who else was in that realm.
  14. Safe lighting project

    So I am gearing up to build a lighting setup for my safe thats a little different than usual. My plan is to install a multi color SMD led strip inside the safe with a dip switch to turn on and off and on the door or side of the safe I will have an arduino in a case with a pressure switch that...
  15. ak guys will this parts kit fit this style of reciever? I have no clue about this stuff.
  16. ARES SCR is pretty cool! I can see this thing with wooden furniture stylized like an AK would be.
  17. Um I think I found a glitch.....

    I was about to pay my excise tax bill today and on the portal they use for the payment I can enter any bill number and tax year 2014 and pull up their name, car, plates and excise tax. The list of towns in the state using the same software is pretty vast. *note that is not my plate nor name.
  18. WTB WTB: Machinery's Handbook 29th edition

    Hoping someone has one. I would be willing to pay cash or trade for ammo...
  19. Mag fed 8" 12g. I must have it. I WANT.
  20. Muzzle brakes with suppressor threads - Ma laws make me loopy

    So im building myself a .308 but I would like to use it when I do some suppressor testing so I was considering adding either the surefire brake or aac's I know the law prohibits the use of threaded barrels but I've yet to see anything about muzzle devices themselves... I know...
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