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  1. Re-Greened, smack me some more

    What the heck, worth it for the entertainment value, right?
  2. 6.5x55, Tikka or CZ?

    I have a Ruger MK II in 6.5 Swede w/ Nikon 3-9x40mm already. But now comes the dilemma; I can buy a perfect T3 Hunter blue/walnut, or a CZ 550 20" blue/FS, either one for $500 and NO!!!! I can't afford both. Which one folks? [thinking]
  3. Level III duty holster fro Sig P226 MK25

    Does such an animal exist? The actual m1913 Picatinny Rail seems to prevent the pistol from fitting in DUTY holsters made for the P226R, which has more like a weaver style rail which is smaller in profile. Does ANYBODY know if ANYBODY makes a Level III duty holster for this gun?[thinking]...
  4. Catch and Release; Enforce the laws on the lawless!

    I am so frustrated with the BS going on even now. They were both released within one week after being arrested on both Gun and Drug charges. Who wants to bet they will plead out lesser or even get CWOF'ed...
  5. Maura Healy = Kathleen Kane

    Sound familiar? Corruption as another Commonwealths AG? pay attention to the Philadephia Democrat investigation and Bill Clinton's endorsement. Maura Healy said her job is to "Defend the viability of our laws in this state, I think we've done a...
  6. 8x57 Surplus and 6.5x55?

    Bought the last 11 boxes at Four Seasons and last 8boxes of 8x57 at Callaghans. Forget 6.5x55 swede, I can't find it ever. Anybody know where theres any of either? [thinking]
  7. Marlin 99 Q&A

    Okay... was thinking of the last of the 60DLX from Buds, right? Well At the LGS today I found a straight Model 99 (no C,G etc) with original bullseye stock, gold trigger and long barrel/tube. 98+% awesome shape. Price is $150. I'm thinking seriously about snaggin it. My question is the tag...
  8. PIN# not accepted

    Today at IDC I was purchasing a firearm. My LTC Class A is new this year, with no fingerprint. My Pin# was not accepted by the computer system. Do I need to contact Chelsea, or my local P.D. to straighten this out? Ted says the Local PD but I'm thinking Chelsea. Anybody run into this yet...
  9. FN 5.7 Pistol, Private sale $$$ MASS

    Just wondering, Is $1800.00 crazy for a NIB (private party sale) here in Mass? They ARE near impossible to get correct? What price does the market here bear? [thinking]
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