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  1. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    so i got a Cetme L kit. ill probably build it in a few hours once my flat shows up this week. but figured i can start posting now. ill post photos of the de mill and build and also comparing the cetme L to the hk33 i built. the cetme L is a Spanish 556 roller delayed rifle that started...
  2. whats up anyone remember me lol.

    just wanted to say hi . no atillia did not flip me into a atf agent. i haven't been around for a few reasons. the biggest reason was i got burnt out with alot of stupid threads dealing with trump etc etc. all over the news and all over Facebook. the app i used to use on my iphone to post pics...
  3. Hk bending jig

    i have a hk bending jig , if any one wants to borrow or use it hit me up.
  4. Semi auto obrez

    I have no idea what to call this build besides a semi auto obrez.
  5. Any one got hk jig?

    Looking to build two cetme . Any one got a bending jig? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. big boy

    This will be a long build thread . So what do you do, when you get a 50 bmg barrel that's already chambered for dirt cheap ? Barrel turned to final dims . Needs barrel extension thread and muzzle thread cut . what do you do when you have a 26" lathe between center and don't have a dog leg...
  7. Ltc expiration question

    Me and my brother got our ltcs within a few weeks of each other . Mine expires next year and his this year ... 6 years vs 5 . Just realized this , didn't they mess up on mine ?
  8. List of gun stores closing for the rally .

    Lets make a list of what stores are closing for the rally .
  9. Scratch built belt fed

    I haven't been posting much . I've been busy setting up a machine shop at a makers space and other stuff . But I started on this project . Receiver roughly assembled .
  10. Shooting Bachelor party

    My brother is getting married in September . The best man asked me if I know of places with guns that host can/will host a Bachelor party. What are the options ? Only thing I could think of is Manchester . It be a party of 12 with mix of gun owners and non gun owners .
  11. Hooks law

    Any one want to help with a project im working on? I don't know how to figure out specs for springs needed .
  12. 54r head space gauges

    Any one have a set of head space gauges they can lend me .
  13. 12 gauge ar10 upper comming

    I contacted them about the .410 upper for the ar 15 and they told me they where gonna make 308 12g uppers .
  14. Ak flat bending

    Any one got a jig to Bend rpk flats? Thinking of getting a kit to buikd and only can find flats for rpk 74
  15. Pistol red dots?

    Been debating getting some type of red dot for one of my 45's? What are my options other then trijicon?
  16. Air brush artist ?Custom paint help ?

    My gf wants her slide painted on her g43 and I'm not sure who to go to fit this. She wants the slide painted like these Help a bro make his gf happy .
  17. Glock sighting at chipotle

    Who's the Nes guy wearing the glock perfection sweat shirt at the Woburn chipotle. We need gang signs .
  18. Remove spray paint but not duracoat

    Long story short #Comrade Mustache Tossed a can of spray paint and it exploded and got on my 1911. I dura coated the frame and the slide is black oxide . Grips are magpul polymer . We where shooting in the woods and I got most of it off with booze and hand wipes but some I wasn't able to get...
  19. Can cannon now sbr?

    Friend sent me this . I googled and couldn't find any thing . Was able to load there's site . Not sure if it's a fake Facebook thing
  20. Feeling Anti-fudd

    Ive found myself going anti-fudd lately, I find the way this word has become nothing but a marketing buzzword, sickening. I cant help but laugh at all these guy online with gear that looks like the plaid monster threw up on it, paying thousands of dollars for classes run by guys that have to...
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