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  1. Buying from my Brother

    Ok, I am sure there are a million threads on this - I am just looking for a quick easy answer... My Brother is selling me two guns, a bolt action 30-06 and a High Cap Handgun. We are both MA residents/Class A Which website do I go to make the transfers, and are they free?
  2. ATA Shoot - Leominster

    Hi I am a trap shooter in the GLTL. I was wondering about trying out my first registered shoot. I am close to Leominster, and I know they have two events in September. What do I need to do to get in on one of those? I used to be an ATA member but I let it lapse. thanks!
  3. Where can a "Joe Schmoe" shoot 1000 Yards?

    Hi My Brother just got a 30.06 "Sniper Rifle" that he want's to shoot at 1000 yards. Our club is only 100 yards. Is there any place regular guys like us can go and shoot 1000 Yards? He mentioned the SIG academy, which he may do because with the fee he said you get instruction. What else is out...
  4. AR-15 From Old Glory

    My Brother want's to get one of those AR-15 Builds from Old Glory. What is everyone's opinion? Does anyone have one? It looks pretty cool. I am a bit surprised by the "Side Magazine" loading function though. 1. Is this thing (still) legal in MA? 2. Is it worth getting one? thanks
  5. Soft Case With Padlock

    Will a soft case that you can put a small padlock through where the 2 zippers meet qualify as a large capacity rifle transport case in a vehicle?
  6. FTF Transfer Issue

    So, you may have seen the thread about my Brothers stolen gun being found. Anyway, we went to police station and they retuned it to us. Legally, my brother ownes the gun, but he no longer hasan LTC. The dectective gave it to me to bring home and told me to file the transfer online. Problem is...
  7. WTS WTS 2001 KUBOTA L3010 TRACTOR (in Maine)

    We have a 2001 Kubota L3010 Tractor for sale. It's in MAINE, about 2.5 hours north of MA. We are selling the farm up there. Don't need the tractor. You would have to arrange the transport, but we are only asking $10,000. It's valued at 12-15K The only thing wrong with it is that the RPM...
  8. Happy Opening Day!

    Of TRAP season! Greater Lowell Trap leauge. PULL!!!!
  9. What's up with Blue Northern??

    Anyone know? For the last couple of days, I drove by there after work. The place looked dark (usually the security lights are on inside) at about 5 PM. Last night, same thing. Strange thing was too, that the big Yellow truck was in a different spot! That thing hasn't moved in years!
  10. Found New LGS, Mid-Coast Maine

    Was up at the mother-in-laws this weekend. Found Liberty Tree Arms, a new LGS that had just opened up in her town. Went to check them out, and they had a nice selection. Lots of fun stuff I can't buy :-( They do have an awesome selection of steel targets! We finally have a place to pick up...
  11. MA Residents: Still Taking AR/AK to the Range?

    As the title suggests, with all that is going on with the AG, I am curious what the consensus is on this.
  12. Happy Opening Day!

    For Greater Lowell Trap Leauge, That is! The season is here! I was bumped up to the "AA" squad this year...this should be interesting! See you all out there! Any other GLTL folks here?
  13. Whats Up with my Remington 1100??

    So, a few weeks ago I completely stripped and cleaned my Remington 1100. I took it down to the club for some trap practice, and it worked flawlessly. Then I put it away for a few weeks. I took it out yesterday to do some more trap practice. I did not do anyting to it. The gun loaded...
  14. Man shoots through wall in Ayer - Hits Neighbor

    What a douche. Hope this guy goes away for a while. I actually live near there...
  15. Guns and Explosives found in AYER home...

    Uh oh. Article says "man hospitalized" I wonder if this is another EMT call.."Oh look, a GUN!"
  16. Mosin Revolver

    The Wife and I were watching a youtube video on the Mosin Revolver. She said it looked really unique and she liked it. FaceBook started this whole thing. Someone posted a "10 WW2 era guns everone MUST have". The Mosin Revolver was one of them. She said we had 6 of the 10 already, may as well add...
  17. Sight Adjustment

    How do I adjust for windage on a sight like this? I don't think the front sight moves. This is a Remington model 41. Thanks!
  18. Black Powder Question

    I was thinking of getting my first black powder rifle. Saw a nice flintlick at a shop. The guy was telling me I can get one from Cabellas. Any recommendations? Don't want to spend alot on one. Can you get flintlocks from the Cabellas sight if in MA?
  19. Garand goes Boom!

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