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  1. Buying from my Brother

    thanks for the info!
  2. Buying from my Brother

    Thanks! I should be able to 2 at once right?
  3. Buying from my Brother

    Ok, I am sure there are a million threads on this - I am just looking for a quick easy answer... My Brother is selling me two guns, a bolt action 30-06 and a High Cap Handgun. We are both MA residents/Class A Which website do I go to make the transfers, and are they free?
  4. Gun Shop Life

    Fudds - that's who they are. Who do they really think they are going to shoot anyway? These long lines you talk of - must be an inside 495 thing - because out here - its not an issue at all...
  5. Called out for not wearing a mask

    I only wear my Face Diaper when I am at work - Even then - I try to get away with not!
  6. Guns on boats

    This again? If your boat is registered in the USA, you still need to adhere to US laws. Once a ship is 24 miles from any coastline, it's on the high seas (or international waters). With the exception of certain rights within the contiguous zone, the law of that ship is the law of the country...
  7. Called out for not wearing a mask

    is Mass the only state with a mask mandate? I don't know!
  8. Gun Stores Can Open

    Notice how the Boston Globe said NOTHING about this yet :) I wish I could have seen the look on Baker's face when the ruling came down. Can't wait to see the news tonight - I am sure the Sheep will be interviewed saying they fear for their lives now!
  9. Gun Stores Can Open

    Wow, this is great news! First the golf courses, and now this. Its all starting to crumble! My question is, though, about the ranges...Technically, the Board of Health in the town where my club is shut us down. How do we get around THAT if the judge opens up the ranges??
  10. ATA Shoot - Leominster

    Hi I am a trap shooter in the GLTL. I was wondering about trying out my first registered shoot. I am close to Leominster, and I know they have two events in September. What do I need to do to get in on one of those? I used to be an ATA member but I let it lapse. thanks!
  11. Where can a "Joe Schmoe" shoot 1000 Yards?

    yea, so this is not ME, it's my Brother. He just a used Mossberg 30-06 and now all of the sudden he is Gunny Beckett! I can barely see 100 yards! I am going with him to SIG just for the comedy!
  12. Where can a "Joe Schmoe" shoot 1000 Yards?

    Hi My Brother just got a 30.06 "Sniper Rifle" that he want's to shoot at 1000 yards. Our club is only 100 yards. Is there any place regular guys like us can go and shoot 1000 Yards? He mentioned the SIG academy, which he may do because with the fee he said you get instruction. What else is out...
  13. Good guy with a gun stops road rage mass pike

    You know, this morning I was like STFU to all the Facebook posts about this guy being wrong in pulling out his gun, but damn, what a moron. Talk about knowing your target and what's beyond it! If I was in one of those cars down-range of him, I'd be guilty of road rage! It's people like this that...
  14. “At 11:02 he went and bought a gun. Was out of the store by 11:30 and he was dead by 3 or 3:30.”

    At 11:02 he went his bedroom to get the bottle of pills. At 11:10 he was dead.
  15. AR-15 From Old Glory

    My Brother want's to get one of those AR-15 Builds from Old Glory. What is everyone's opinion? Does anyone have one? It looks pretty cool. I am a bit surprised by the "Side Magazine" loading function though. 1. Is this thing (still) legal in MA? 2. Is it worth getting one? thanks
  16. MA Assault Weapons Ban "AWB" FAQ

    Stupid Question... IF there is an AK that was originally manufactured before 1994, but the RECEIVER is way newer, is it the RECEIVER that makes it evil?
  17. Soft Case With Padlock

    Will a soft case that you can put a small padlock through where the 2 zippers meet qualify as a large capacity rifle transport case in a vehicle?
  18. FTF Transfer Issue

    Its a 6 shooter wheel gun. No pre ban issues
  19. FTF Transfer Issue

    Thanks, i figured id find the answer here
  20. FTF Transfer Issue

    So, brother transfers to FFL, then FFL to me...right?
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