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  1. Northern Vermont Shooting clubs - St Albans and Berkshire Vermont

    Been beating the sugarbush and came up with two local clubs with decent ranges. St. Albans - Looks like a decent range. Indoor pistol and archery. Outdoor rifle, pistol and archery. $50 per person per year Berkshire - Missisquoi Valley Sportsman's Club No phone...
  2. Burlington Airport runway lights off... stuck in chicago for the night

    Should have been arriving in Burlington right now. Instead will have to wait until tomorrow.... The Burlington airport runway lights are out! Fingers crossed to get there tomorrow. Take care my new brethren!
  3. Average time frame for first snow in northern NE.

    Anyone know about when the first real snow occurs? Just trying to plan out things. We had hoped for a summer move to Vermont, but we are stuck with next week timeframe. October? November? White Christmas? What say you?
  4. cold frames

    Any of ya'll using cold frames to extend growing season for root crops?
  5. NES Community regional NET?

    Anyone thought of or is/are currently doing a HF net from NES? I plan to upgrade my ticket this year. Would really like to get on the HF airwaves...
  6. Boston peeps - any issues transiting Logan International with checked firearms?

    Just looking at fares. Thinking I should just go to Burlington with a flight change, but those nonstop flights from San Diego are enticing with a family of five and firearms in the hold... I would think it would be ok if just travelling through and if they are in a locked container no...
  7. Gardening in New England (Vermont way up nawth)

    Hi all, Y'all got any tips on what grows best and how/when to plant things up here in New England come spring? I am used to gardening down South, but this will be a first for me up Nawth. Wife and I make some killer pickles so Cukes will be grown for sure. Love Tomatos too. Thinking...
  8. Just paid for my membership

    But I forgot the memo with user name sorry! Coming from email that starts with nola. For dixiejarhead. Thanks!
  9. Also a HAM moving to Vermont

    Looking forward to upgrading my license. Will check out the clubs there and get some more (new) equipment. Running Yaesu VX8r atm HT here in Hawaii.
  10. well it is official... going to Vermont

    Got the call today, going to Vermont, Richford area. Shout out if you are in that area and a shooter. Thanks!
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