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  1. Drive to CMP

    Well Wednesday morning at 6:00AM I started my 1500 mile round trip to the CMP north store. I have been out there many times, but usually stay a week and vacation. But with everything shut down due to the virus I didn't. I got a room for the night, and was at the store Thursday morning for my...
  2. Shooting steel with some AP.

    My son and I went out with my brother and his step son, today to put some holes in steel. Shot some regular m2 ball and some Ap. Shot some steel and destroyed a couple of cement blocks.
  3. KTP will reopen 4/6/20

  4. M1 Carbines

    If anyone is in the market Royal Tiger Imports from Fla. has them for sale. Starting at $899. they are returns from Africa.
  5. Amazon Prime $40 off

    Amazon Prime is offering $40 off to current service members and veterans. If you have a current subscription you can use it to extend it.
  6. Crossing Guard gets guns seized.

    Crossing guard relieved of duty, guns seized - The Martha's Vineyard Times
  7. Gifting a firearm

    I want to give my brother an AR15, I live in Ma and he lives in NH. Is there any paper work I need to fill out ? He is not a gun owner currently, but wants to get into shooting and I have an AR that just collects dust. I tried searching but found nothing.
  8. Gun Smith for a Carcano

    Do any of you know a gun smith who would be good with an Italian Carcano ? Hopefully in Eastern Ma or Southern NH. But I will take an info you my have thanks Paul.
  9. Keep FID when you get a LTC A.

    My son turned 21 yesterday and called to make an appointment to get his LTC A. He has had his FID for three years now. Is there any reason or benefit to keeping both ? Or should he just let the FID go ?
  10. M1 Garand Bayonets.

    Dupage has them wrapped in cheesecloth and cosmoline. Refurbs from the 50's. USGI M1 BAYONETS IN COSMOLINE | Dupage Trading Company
  11. Hearing protection

    I tried the search but didn't see what I'm looking for. There is a guy at most gun shows who makes molded hearing protection, does anyone know where he is out of and how to get in contact with him ? Thank you.
  12. CMP rifle info

    This was posted on the CMP forums by another member. Just thought I would share the info. I'm attending the Advanced Maintenance Class at the CMP Custom Shop. Part of the agenda included a tour of the warehouse and where the armorers do their work. No pictures were allowed for security reasons...
  13. Ma GOP wants your opinion.

    Have at it. Priorities Poll
  14. Can of 1911's

    Can of 1911's at Springfield Armory NHS.
  15. Good article about the CMP from this month.
  16. WWII re-enactment

    For those of you that don't know about this it is well worth going to.
  17. My K98

    These are some photos of my numbers matching K98. The helmet, flag, and Totenkopf are not real.
  18. Great Range day

    Had a great day at the range with my son, and some toys. Type99, No4 Mk1*, 10/22, AR15 (M16A1 clone).
  19. CMP WRA Field Grades

    The CMP just listed Winchester field grades for sale $830. Limit of one WRA Field Grade per year.
  20. LTC question

    My friends son just got back from basic, he is in the Army Reserve, does he still have to take the fire arms course to get his LTC in Massachusetts ?
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