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  1. Cody Wilson Finally Beats the State Department

    After a 5 year battle against the Feds, Cody Wilson is back... A Landmark Legal Shift Opens Pandora’s Box for DIY Guns So much for concerns about ghost guns.
  2. Susan Collins Gun Fails in Senate

    Apologies in advance for the typo in the thread name. should read: Susan Collins Gun Amendment Fails in Senate. BREAKING: Susan Collins gun-control amendment FALLS SHORT in Senate Read more...
  3. Buying Bolt Gun Out of State

    I figured this has been asked and answered a bunch of times but, I did some searching but could not find the answer -- maybe my search-fu needs some work. If I drive up to NH to buy a bolt gun, specifically looking for a Remington 700, are there any potential issues to consider related to the...
  4. 2A may preclude lifetime ban on possession by people committed to mental institution

    So says a federal magistrate in Iowa: A crack in the door maybe?
  5. Resident Arrested, Charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearms

    Caught this in the news this morning... I did a quick search and didn't see an existing thread so please close if this is a dupe. Does anyone have a details on this bust?
  6. House Dem's at it Again
  7. HK Magazine Availability

    What's the deal with the piss poor availability of some HK pistol mags? I'm trying to find a couple of P30 9mm mags and haven't been able to find them anywhere. I've called my local shops and nothing. A couple of shops say they've even had people calling from around the country looking for them...
  8. C & R License

    Applied with ATF about 6 weeks ago and just received a package of documents in the mail today. It looks to contain everything I need to know about using the license except for the fact there is nothing in the packet that remotely looks like the license itself. Is the license usually sent under...
  9. The Fed's Pincer Movement on Ammo No surprise here as to what the end game is.
  10. Gun Modification Question

    Does replacing the hammer spring with a lighter one on a Sig pistol make it ineligible to compete in "Stock" in either IDPA or USPSA?
  11. NFL Player Adam Vinitieri Featured Speaker at NRA Convention

    I wonder how the NFL feels about this one? . Who wouldn't like to have his trophy room...
  12. MSP APP and Use of Location Data SCOTUS has previously ruled it a 4th amendment violation for the government to place a gps tracking device on a citizen's vehicle without obtaining a warrant. Now, MSP is asking people to...
  13. 3D Printed Semi-Auto Pistol

    3D Printing Now Brings You Semiautomatic Pistols (The Better To Scare Control Freaks) 3D Printing Now Brings You Semiautomatic Pistols (The Better To Scare Control Freaks) - Hit & Run :[/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. Davis v. Grimes Hearing

    A hearing on the motions for summary judgement was scheduled today. Did it happen today and is there anything of interest to report from it?
  15. The plumber vs. the billionaire

    Opinion: The plumber vs. the billionaire - Rich Lowry -
  16. Too Bad NJ Isn't in Danger of Falling into the Atlantic

    NJ Congressman Wants Tax Hike on Guns and Ammo [AUDIO] When will this shit stop?!?
  17. Single Stage Press Recommendation

    Can anyone offer some thoughts on cost and benefits of Hornady vs Redding for single stage presses and dies? Initially the plan would be to use the press for a variety of calibers, 9mm, .40, .357 Sig, and .223. Eventually I would like to get a progressive press like the Dillon 650 and be able...
  18. Boston City Hall Rally

    Mayoral candidate Bill Walczak seeks reduction in gun violence in Boston - Metro - The Boston Globe Was anyone aware this rally was happening in Boston today? I didn't see a mention of it. Did anyone attend?
  19. Great SYG Article with Mention of Andrew Branca

    Stand Your Ground Is Not New | National Review Online More props for Andrew and his outstanding coverage of the Zimmerman trial.
  20. Jesse Jackson Blowing Smoke Again

    Miami Herald digs data, proves Jesse Jackson wrong about SYG - Seattle gun rights | If I am reading that correctly, the entire state of Florida (with SYG and Shall Issue Concealed Carry) has about the same number of black homicide victims annually as the city of Chicago? Sorry...
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