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  1. Bought a Beretta M9

    Langdon is on my list but I’ve recently gotten into sigs more. I enjoyed the m9 when in the Army and would pick one up for a good deal.
  2. School me on modern Springfield M1A's

    + for the scout squad. I like mine and got in walnut also the ultimak rail.
  3. SIG P320 compact legos....

    Got one thanks!
  4. Panic buying your bucket-list guns

    Fun gun for sure I loved mine
  5. M10x ?

    I posted tobys video it’s fixed magpul and pinned flash/muzzle break. I like the flat top and modernized features but feedback from the folks here is helping thanks all
  6. M10x ?

    View: $1700 which is nearing less grey preban levels
  7. M10x ?

    Hi anyone have experience with the M10x? Looks to be a hybrid ar/ak Cape has in stock and I’m strongly considering one. How are these ma legal? Is it like the Sig mcx where some dealers will sell and others won’t? How does it shoot? I love the flat top and 762.39 is the “cheapest”...
  8. Sage ebr on a m1a scout?

    Anyone ever do this? Suggestions? Good / bad? Saw one for sale on the forums and maybe the ol walnut (although I love the nostalgic look) could use a Sage ebr. Does this require any custom fitting or are these drop in chassis?
  9. WTB P226 22lr kit

    Hi there looking for a p226 22lr kit. Pls send pm. I thought I saw one a while back.
  10. Off brand ammo reporting

    I shot some belom I liked it ran like a champ in all my pistols.
  11. WTB Bmt moonclip setup for 327/929/586

    Hi there looking for a mdt setup for a 327/929/586 pls pm what you have.
  12. Transport BB Pistol in car

    🤦🏻 God help us
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