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  1. Talk me out of moving back to Massachusetts

    So I moved out of MA five years ago up to Maine, and I love it here. Problem is, I was offered a dream job at a dream organization..... in East Boston. Right now, it would be a 2 hour + commute one way. I don't even like driving, and that is way too much time away from family, and too...
  2. Anyone know how to remove an ACE skeleton stock?

    Trying to get my stock off the old bushie onto the new NES receiver, but I have no idea how to get it off. Anyone know? I've been building the lower up with a DPMS parts kit, and this is the next to last step.
  3. Anyone else going to the Cabela's opening

    This Thursday at 5PM in Scarboro Maine? I am. I'd like to get in line early. Any NES brothers going to be there?
  4. How many guns do you own?

    Inspired by the "we're #1!" thread, I'm curious to see roughly how many guns NESers have as opposed to a "regular guy". Remember, because you typed it out in the internets, it must be true! [wink] We'll count everything BUT BB, pellet, airsoft, paintball, and "toy" guns. For those who might...
  5. I made a couple of reloading videos

    Back when I started reloading, I really wished there was a short, concise description on the steps involved in getting started in reloading, setting up the press, and cranking out your first few rounds. Youtube now has one guy doing it, but I thought I could do it maybe a bit better. So...
  6. Christmas, tactically speaking

    Christmas visitors late at night when no one is stirring, not even a mouse are a hard reality for a lot of us every year. Let's go over the tactical situation: 1. Claus will be invading, his method of entry is known, and he has two hard targets: The Tree, to deliver his payload, and the Plate...
  7. Neat gun if you are into Archery with pics!

    Just picked up a neat historical gun, if you are into archery Friend of mine gave this to me to sell for him- an old Hi-Standard in a presentation box that was originally bought by Fred Bear of Bear Archery. Even has the "Safety Certificate" some states like to give out, with his name...
  8. Phew! Got nonres MA LTC renewed again

    In about 30 days, same as the last few years. I mailed it in late this year, so my last permit expired and I had to undergo about 4 weeks of being "unarmed" in MA. I was worried, with so many reports of it taking forever!
  9. I shot up some hard drives

    More experienced 50 cal shooters would probably be more aware of the power of the muzzle blast, and probably wouldn't have shot from the tailgate of the truck without expecting some kind of damage, but I wasn't that smart until afterwards. [laugh]
  10. MA Nonresident permit expiration Q

    Current research is bogging down, so I thought i'd throuw the question out there, with appropriate caveats to internet legal advice.... Does the 90 day grace period apply to nonresident permits as well as resident ones? I am seeing the language relate to "90 days after the license...
  11. Anybody want to go to the MRA tonight?

    And invite me as a guest? [smile] [smile] [smile]
  12. Guess who won their class in his first-ever IDPA match?>

    Almost makes me think that if I practiced, I might actually get good! (Number 1 in unclassified) [grin]
  13. Nice CCW moment

    I had to have a car towed from my house to a garage in Portland to get some repair work done on it, and rode with the tow driver to the auto shop so I could grab a loaner car for Mrz Jamz. We got to talking about stuff, he mentioned that the local bank was robbed this morning, and he tells me...
  14. Maine right to carry law threatened

    ************************ Essentially, this will make it a whole lot more expensive to maintain a CCW in Maine with the increased training requirement. ************************* Link to the Summary: Sponsored By: Senator TURNER of...
  15. They closed the local Gravel Pit.

    Well, the nice local gravel pit that I discovered last year, which has always had a gate, but has never been closed, has been so for the last few weeks- I assume it's closed for good now. [sad] Some of you may know it- it's the one where the Car/Machine gun shoot was held late last year...
  16. Anyone know any good reliable gunsmiths in Maine?

    Title says it all. I have a Smith M19 that needs some "gunsmithing" undone. (No, I didn't do it.)
  17. Smith and Wesson 340PD Range Report

    First Impressions: This is the first new revolver I’ve ever bought. All of my other ones were bought used, and were built in the 1970s, 80s or early 90s. I had never bought a revolver with an internal lock, but I wanted this gun so much that the lock became a non-factor. Picking it up out of...
  18. Wanted: NRA Instructor

    I would like to have the services of an NRA instructor who can officially oversee my course of fire for my application for a R.I. Non-resident permit. I have all the paperwork, can get the targets, guns and ammo are on me. My range is the MRA in woburn, but we could go anywhere. Obviously...
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