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  1. Central Connecticut State University Poll Give'm some pro-gun responses...
  2. USA today poll|%20NSSF
  3. Mass compliant single stack 9mm for a co-worker

    I'm not pervy to all the limitations in Mass, but a coworker has asked for advice on a a single stack 9mm for not more than $400... Shield? I expect a G43 in 9mm would be out of that price range / hard to get? Same for Vp9SK I imagine... thoughts from Mass folk?
  4. PSA or Brownells? or Anyone know if all of the PSA...
  5. 2017 Spring Trigger Breakout photo / video thread

    I don't have a lot... I do have some video that I have to upload to a hosting site
  6. Northeast Munitions, Manchester NH

    I bought a stripped lower and a bunch of mags from Peter at Northeast Munitions. Good guy. His shop is small, but he can get his hands on whatever you want and he has some GREAT prices. ***His place is on the 5th floor. Yes there is an elevator. If you stop by on a weekend you have to call...
  7. 2009 URI student Senior paper on Gun control is good read

    I searched NES but didn't see anything posted about this... 32 pages, good read though...
  8. target shooting poll needs some help

    Londonderry poll looking to restrict target shooting... needs some 'No' votes. on the Right below the "breaking news"...
  9. Vortex SPARC II verse Vortex SPARC AR

    Any major differences between the two?
  10. NY Lawyers?

    Anyone know of any NY lawyers that are pro-gun Rights? Jim Jones could use all the help he can get... NY Safe act is squeezing him when he never should have been arrested.
  11. Arbitrary lines... NH guy with "arsenal" arrested in Lawrence LAWRENCE – A Salem, N.H., man who ran out of gas in Lawrence was locked up after police found a cache of illegal weapons, including a knife, guns and ammunition in his 2008...
  12. Bipod w/ sling swivel attachment?

    Just bought a rem 700 SPS in 308. I'm looking for a small to medium (4-9"?) bipod with a swivel mount. Do most come with it? Anyone have any recommendations for or against any makes?
  13. Women's Defense League of NH SB116 Override petition Please sign[thumbsup] **EVEN if you're from Mass, sign this! More people = stronger response.
  14. UN / ATF collaberation? Talk about the conspiracy theory of Agenda 21 finding roots...
  15. Resident P&R card in addition to the flimsy paper?

    Has anyone recently been able to get a plastic P&R license in addition to the flimsy paper? A guy is claiming to have one from the Sunapee area of Merrimack county... Look in the comment area of
  16. Bobcat hunting potential in NH in coming years? As population rises I would expect that it probably would be good to open it up with a limited lottery... Thoughts?
  17. Two target shooting near Manchester, NH arrested, charged w/ Felony Reckless Conduct' Depending on where they were actually shooting it may not have been against the law? (Are the power lines considered within Manchester City Limits - if that is where they were shooting, and...
  18. Shooting backstops on Private property

    For those that shoot on your own property, what do you use as shooting backstops? I have plenty of land and all my neighbors shoot. Everyone shoots out into the expansive woods behind our properties, one has a backstop, the other doesn't (not keen about no backstop). The one with a backstop...
  19. Toy guns... this time in a classroom.

    Teen had fake gun in class, Newport News Police say | Norfolk - Hampton Roads
  20. Hilarious: Neighbors: Man flaunts gun, shoots self

    Neighbors: Man flaunts gun, shoots self | | Norfolk
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