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  1. Reciprocity gets out of committee - not sure if dupe

    Im happy the Chief of Police in my town did'nt sign. Its a shame seeing so many redcoats from MA sign that trash. Pathetic.
  2. 80% dimension question

    could i get a copy please? Thanks
  3. Lexington Resident Just Got LTC, With Sporting Restriction

    Tread on Me Harder Daddio
  4. Money bomb the NRA

    Perhaps if other entities would let them come in and go at the MA gov.
  5. Money bomb the NRA

    Can I buy a AR style rifle in MA? Coming up on two years in a couple of months. "Chess not checkers" I'll be sending my money to GOA. No compromise.
  6. Money bomb the NRA

    Idiotic. What good has the NRA done to help here in Mass?
  7. 50 BMG - Bullpup?

    that muzzle blast so close to face. Its got torn retina written all over it. still wicked tho. anything .50 BMG is sick
  8. 101st Airborne 1st to be issued M17-M18 (Sig) 9mm

    If the 101st drops a M17(P320) out of an aircraft, does it create something similar to a nuclear detonation upon impact with the ground??
  9. Healy on Reciprocity - BS Alarm

    be careful, thats a hate crime. shes a dyke
  10. Trust/rely on no cops.

    To Protect(no one) and Serve(warrants)
  11. I thought that police were allowed to have full automatic weapons.

    Good, if we can't why should they?
  12. Gardner PD Confiscates Guns & Ammo

    More protecting and serving. Comical at all the "III%" folks who believe the police will be on their side when the time comes to round up the guns...
  13. Registration of high capacity confiscation is coming to Connecticut . 50,000 mags!!!

    When are the "Oathkeepers" of CT going to take up arms against the State???
  14. Selling guns. Think I'll wait to see how things pan out

    what is the px9 storm? Isn't that a Beretta pistol? Im looking to build a PCC
  15. Tube fed .22 any recommendations?

    Henry, Marlin or Savage. I love my Henry. Shoots S,L,LR. 22S is great for backyard plinking.
  16. Selling guns. Think I'll wait to see how things pan out

    Well if a different turn of events changes your mind, I would pay whatever you ask for a 9mm lower.
  17. Charter Arms refinishing advice

    Tape it off and rattle can paint it.
  18. Moriarti Armaments - Poor Business Practices and Shady Past

    I can't stand companies who do BS like this. They need to get their name out there, so they have people plug and spam their name all over the forums in return for a "discount". Usually 5%. Chump change to them. Shady business practices now and in the past it seems.
  19. To me, this has Kaboom written all over it.

    Which is worse, a gun or an anti-gun??
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