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  1. Massachusetts Liberal Climate Bill PASSES !

    Sure thing huh? <sarc>
  2. PSA: Watch Out For Gun Jugging

  3. Mass. SJC Chief Justice will not be down for breakfast

    He is a RINO and will nominate a left friendly replacement
  4. Franklin Arsenal Wet Tumbler ?

    Mine works great. Not going back to the grit.
  5. Thoughts on 9MM

    Bought a bunch before the run on ammo, glad I did. Need to start reloading now.
  6. the mill in littleton directory

    Been there and is a awesome place may reasons. Did some business there with no issues.
  7. Range Report 45/70 Revolver

    Your lucky day!!!
  8. From USAF top enlisted person

    Times have changed greatly
  9. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    Love the site guys. Zappa is up pretty early (2:37am) or didn't you go to bed? :D
  10. Amiright?!?!

    Much bettah!
  11. What is with Gun shops?.....

    Same boat here... Been drooling but not buying.
  12. Potentially fatal shooting @ BGRA

  13. March 7th 2020 WILMINGTON, MA Shriners

    Did a drive by. Around noon time, parking no issue. Interesting 45 70 Pedersoli, but out of my price range. Wife bought a T-Shirt. It was fun, a day out of the house.... Was heating up as we left around 1ish.
  14. March 7th 2020 WILMINGTON, MA Shriners

    Might do a drive by this morning....
  15. March 7th 2020 WILMINGTON, MA Shriners

    Anybody wearing masks?
  16. New 2020 Python

    No MA? Still interested.....
  17. Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year!!!
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