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  1. New to MA; LTC or FID?

  2. Glock gen 5

    Your friends uncle is wrong!
  3. MA compliant sig sauer p227?

    Buy P-227 through private sale if you want one. The list has nothing’s to do with what you can own only what the FFL can sell.
  4. Mag-Lite LED upgrade question?

    I upgraded my D cell light I have had sense I was 18 and it works great.
  5. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    It seems the Democrats are starting to change their minds about the “peaceful protesters” because it’s starting to hurt Biden’s campaign.
  6. MA Resident purchasing ammo in CT

    This is true, the permit will also allow you to buy Magazines. The CT State Police issues the permit at their HQ in Middletown off exit-20 on I-91.
  7. 9th Circuit Strikes down Magazine Restrictions - Breaking

    With his logic you don’t need a fire extinguisher because there’s a chance you will never have to use it.
  8. Did you know there was an active shooter in Corpus Christi last week?

    It was not a shooting that fits the anti-gun media and politicians agenda. The Navy member female or male is badass to take a round in the chest plate, recover from that and activate the vehicle barrier, then engage the terrorist. There’s reports that she was the one that killed him and reports...
  9. Guns Account for 1/3 of Increase in Suicide

    The majority of the ones I’ve responded to were hangings or overdoses. The most important thing is getting the person in crisis the help they need. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone that may be in crisis. The signs are there.
  10. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    It’s there still, 2nd to the last on the 9mm guns for Sig
  11. Is there a special LTC process if you live on base?

    Base Housing is now managed under a civilian contractor for DOD and has a list of priority starting with active duty and going all they way to civilians. The residents now pay rent with their BAH.
  12. NY bill to require mental health check for gun purchase

    This law would if passed do as designed discourage firearms ownership. The state want to make it hard as possible to buy in turn making people not want to buy or have guns. This would work just the the ammo background scheme in California all by design.
  13. Rhode Island AG: Hometown Cops Should Be Alerted To Gun Buys

    Other then checking local files will not each department find the same information in the state system and on NCIC system for the person. If so this is a waste of time, money on part of the local department and infringement on the buyer.
  14. August 4, 2019 - 9 dead, 16 injured in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

    Watching the briefing now. AR pistol with 100 round magazine and a shotgun in the truck of his car. Anyone want to bet rifle caliber pistols will be next on the lefts hit list.
  15. August 4, 2019 - 9 dead, 16 injured in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

    NBC just called .223 a high caliber.
  16. Wrentham Man charged and firearms seized

    Ordering parts from overseas would be my guess.
  17. Cub Scout camp at Chicopee Sportstmen’s Club in Granby canceled over safety concerns

    This is nothing more then a anti gun push from the town again. The camp has been at the club for five years with no problems but out of nowhere it’s not safe. The inspection was done on a Saturday due the busy time at the club. I’m guessing for a reason just to shut the camp down.
  18. 15 round mags for M&P9?

    Smith makes a 15 round mag for the full size M&Ps.
  19. PCCs & Indoor Ranges:

    Hot Brass in West Springfield allows PCC’s. The range is rated to 50BMG.
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