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  1. Grafton - Shooting on Property Doesn’t appear so but this is Massachusetts
  2. Man cites virginity as reason he planned to kill 'as many girls' as he could, Utah police say

    All these wackos need is sex. Use your cooter to stop a shooter.
  3. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    In. Great club and great people. Thanks for all the events.
  4. Faxon VS Ballistic Advantage?

    Should be fine with either, I have a BA Hanson and it’s great, I especially like how it came with a pinned gas block. That will add to reliability for sure.
  5. Source for Traps

  6. Healey Slapped down ?

    NSSF filed vs AGO!
  7. H&K Will Not Sell to Israel

    There it is folks. This train is off the rails. Jpk you need more concentration on facts and not personal attacks.
  8. H&K Will Not Sell to Israel

    We aren't arguing left or right wing here.... but to compare modern day "refugees welcome" Germany with the third Reich just shows how much you actually don't understand what you're talking about....
  9. H&K Will Not Sell to Israel

    Modern liberal german government appropriating hatred of the Jews... do you not see the conflict there? HK is right on point with this one. And the rest of us need to recognize this victimhood for what it is and stop fighting Israels wars for them.
  10. Striker Fired 1911?

    They aren't claiming striker fired 1911, they are saying they have combined a striker fired pistol with a single axis 1911 style trigger. Actually quite appealing.
  11. Golden gun once owned by Nazi leader Göring is up for auction

    Beautiful piece of histoty, wish I had the shekels to afford it.
  12. Ken Donnelly Senator for Fourth Middlesex supports Maura lets call him

    He's my rep, I went to his office last sat. I will follow up again. phone:617-722-1432 email:[email protected]
  13. SHTF reading

    Anything by JL Bourne, great guy I met him at shot show a few years back. He is super pro gun and knows his stuff.
  14. List of MA Senators and State Reps That DID NOT Sign Request Made to AG Healy

    Both my rep and my senator that I paid a visit to on Saturday chose to ignore me.
  15. Fear not: a letter to everyone here.

    we win together or we lose alone it's that simple
  16. GOAL Response To AG Healey’s Actions - Rally Sat 7/23 @ 10:00 AM

    Great rally. Went into the state house afterwards and actually talked to my Rep and left a message for my senator. Ken Gordon (my rep) was receptive to it but didn't seem like he really cared about the issue, more so about how AG went about introducing her directive.
  17. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Absolutely, every move we make going forward matters, healey proved that with this directive
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