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  1. Today was a glorious day...

    Yet again truth shines it's light and dispels ignorance and fear!
  2. Finally went Green

    awesome, I've been away for a bit, but am going green again too.
  3. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Hi everyone, I'm just checking in again after a long haitus.
  4. Talk me out of moving back to Massachusetts

    Thanks for the advice guys, I appreciate it. :) Commuter rail is an option I guess, but then it would be 20 minutes into portland, 2.5 hour train ride, then 30 minutes on the T from N station to Maverick. My current job, even though it pays the same, is probably going to disappear in a few...
  5. Talk me out of moving back to Massachusetts

    So I moved out of MA five years ago up to Maine, and I love it here. Problem is, I was offered a dream job at a dream organization..... in East Boston. Right now, it would be a 2 hour + commute one way. I don't even like driving, and that is way too much time away from family, and too...
  6. 100 Things you will wish you had stored.

    You know, humans got along for thousands of years before most of this stuff, and we did okay.

    In Maine you are not required to have a license to own a gun, only to carry concealed. That's like saying you will be prohibited from owning alcohol if you have a drunk and disorderly charge. How will they enforce it?
  8. 43 Machine guns

    I'm surprised the ATF didn't arrest and prosecute the guy who bought the contents as well, even though it was an innocent mistake.
  9. Sharpening a Kukri

    Sounds a bit like what you have to do to become a master bladesmith. I just got a nice Kasumi knife, but I have no idea how to sharpen it. I'm going to ave to find out.
  10. Clinton replacement to be Pro-Gun!!!

    Bit of a backhanded compliment there, but it's a good idea to send him a note. Thanks for the example and the link!
  11. iPhone Ballistics app

    Wow, the first openly gay appliance on the battlefield.
  12. The British called...They want their guns back.

    They had registration for a long, long time, IIRC, which is why roundup was so easy when the time came. For the US, I think there would be massive noncompliance- similar to what I've heard happened in Cali when their AWB/registration happened... just tons of people not registering anything.
  13. Obama to end Don't ask, Don't tell

    Well, I think this news report really covers the issue well.

    What on earth does "unconfirmed but probable" mean? Is it a guess or an assumption? How long will it take to get at least some of those items confirmed?
  15. Local food resources

    Definitely this is the year to start to learn how to grow my own.
  16. Excuse me while I introduce myself...

    Welcome to NES Hiltonizer!
  17. Temporary License to Carry Firearms

    It's just more linguistic obfuscation from Massachusetts. Means nothing, or everything, like the rest of the wording of MA gun laws.
  18. Cabela's is massive.

    I've gotten some clothes super-cheap there... like Chamois shirts for twelve bucks.. Nice Columbia work pants for twenty...
  19. New acquisitions for January 2009!

    Found this at Kittery- $535. Good condition, shoots like a dream. My first horsie revolver!
  20. HR 1022

    ^Exactly. He just is a guarantee to sign it. It is absolutely a perfect storm of anti- BOR people in power right now.
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