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  1. M10x ?

    Hi anyone have experience with the M10x? Looks to be a hybrid ar/ak Cape has in stock and I’m strongly considering one. How are these ma legal? Is it like the Sig mcx where some dealers will sell and others won’t? How does it shoot? I love the flat top and 762.39 is the “cheapest”...
  2. Sage ebr on a m1a scout?

    Anyone ever do this? Suggestions? Good / bad? Saw one for sale on the forums and maybe the ol walnut (although I love the nostalgic look) could use a Sage ebr. Does this require any custom fitting or are these drop in chassis?
  3. WTB P226 22lr kit

    Hi there looking for a p226 22lr kit. Pls send pm. I thought I saw one a while back.
  4. WTB Bmt moonclip setup for 327/929/586

    Hi there looking for a mdt setup for a 327/929/586 pls pm what you have.
  5. WTT Want P226 preban mags will trade ammo

    Howdy Looking for preban p226 mags Willing to trade the following pm me and let’s make a deal - all flavors of 12 guage (00,000,1,4...2.75,3” etc, slugs too) - 45 acp wwb factory -22lr - 308 wolf - 308 subsonic s&b -9/223/556 Or cash 🤣
  6. Moon clip loader - any recommendations?

    Hi all Just curious if anyone has a recommendation on moon clip loaders (Bmt, tk) Looking for a system for 929, 586, trr8 preferably modular for an economical solution. Thanks!
  7. WTT WTT factory 38 spl (want)

    Hi there Pm me what you have and we can work a deal. Only looking for factory loads, 38 spl/357 target rounds I have the normal flavors of ammo (9, 45,308, 4570,12 g buck, 556) just let me know the ratio and what you are looking for and let’s make a deal! South shore
  8. SOLD Delete found

    Hi there looking for the following Trr8 R8 Model 19 comp carry
  9. WTB Romeo 1 pro or leupold delta point pro black color only

    Hi there looking for a Romeo 1 pro or dpp Color must be black South shore ftf have cash.
  10. WTT M1A promag cqb for archangel stock

    Hi there I have a black promag cqb stock but would like to trade for an archangel stock. Mine is black in color and am not too picky on the color. Let me know if interested.
  11. SOLD Delete

    Hi there looking for a 1911 22lr slide, barrel, mags that will work with a 5” Springfield trp operator frame in 45 acp.
  12. WTS Leupold VXR Patrol 1.25-4x illuminated 30mm

    Hello I am selling a like new Leupold VXR patrol with raised turrets for elevation and windage with an illuminated dot with various brightness settings. Also includes a Leupold mount. Very clear glass and nice illuminated option...
  13. SOLD Magpul rebuild kit for ar mags

    Hi there looking if anyone has any magpul ar15 magazine rebuild kits. just looking for the followers if anyone has extras. 7 total. Thanks!
  14. SOLD Delete

    Hi there please send pics and prices of any hi powers for sale thanks
  15. SOLD delete

    WTB canik sfx
  16. Delete

    Hi there would like to purchase a colt national match or gold cup trophy in 9mm
  17. SOLD Delete found

    Hi there would like to buy a 3 gun setup benelli m2 shotgun
  18. SOLD Delete

    Hi there would like to buy a x5 legion. Cash in hand. South shore but willing to travel.
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