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  1. Anyone been to fsguns lately?

    Yes, this system works fairly well.
  2. Ruger MK IV?

    Was disappointed in my Mark IV when I first bought it. Invested in a VQ trigger kit, and what a difference it made! I love the gun now. Plinking with it is such a blast.
  3. Ruger LCRx 22 WMR Revolver 6rd

    I had read that in general .22 WMR is more reliable than .22LR. In my personal experience this is true. I've probably put 400 - 500 rounds through my 351PD without a malfunction. Have shot many thousands of rounds of .22LR and experience maybe 3 malfunctions out of every 100 rounds fired. YMMV.
  4. FYI TAURUS G3C 9mm

    Tried a friend's today. Shot reliably and accurately, though the trigger felt "squishy" before breaking. Still, a real value for the price (includes 3 mags).
  5. Guns are white supremacy’s deadliest weapon. We must disarm hate.

    Harriet Tubman was a white supremacist? Who knew?! $20 Says Harriet Tubman Was Conservative Opinion | $20 Says Harriet Tubman Was Conservative
  6. 'Straight Pride’ organizer jailed for alleged role in US Capitol attack freed but banned from protests, travel Why should the mother be forced to relinquish her firearms?
  7. Selling ammo in MA

    Wish Mike Sweeney was still there.
  8. Selling ammo in MA

    Love GOAL and support them, but a couple of their posts lately . . .
  9. Ruger LCRx 22 WMR Revolver 6rd

    Got this guy in .22 WMR. 7 rounds.
  10. Tragic! Federal Government Bans Conservative Laura Loomer from Owning Guns - not sure if Fake News

    I think it's legit as she's been raising money for her legal fees. Disturbing if true as even crazy people have a right to due process.
  11. Gun .380 Not bigger than Kahr CW380 but with thumb safety

    Springfield 911. Nice big ambi safety.
  12. Woburn Sportsmen's Association January 14, 2021 General Membership Meeting Cancelled.

    I belong to a Masonic lodge that would get 12 - 15 members to show up at a monthly meeting. After Covid hit and we switched to Zoom, attendance doubled, LOL. [laugh]
  13. Woburn Sportsmen's Association January 14, 2021 General Membership Meeting Cancelled.

    Dave: WSA member here. Has any thought been given to doing Zoom meetings? Not ideal, I know, but a lot of organizations, having no other choice, are doing it. Thanks.
  14. Massachusetts police officer, business partner face federal gun charges
  15. Looking for a new 45 range toy

    Bought a Springfield XD mod.2 from a member here recently. Reasonably priced, bright front FO sight, and fun to shoot.
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