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  1. Ruger MK I, II, III or 22/45

    Looking for my first .22lr pistol. I have a great pistol range range at my club and want to shoot something a little cheaper than centerfire. I also would be using it for local club contests. I was wondering what is the best Ruger .22lr? I also would love to have a pistol with easy and readily...
  2. Camera Just Picked up a YUGE Buck!!

    Just put out a new Stealthcam on Sunday. Nothing on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. I figured Wednesday night would have been a bust also so I grabbed the chip and brought it in the house to check. It took 27 photos. A couple of squirrel and other nighttime rodents. The last two pictures were a...
  3. Gun Violence email from JPKIII

    I get one of these emails every week. Usually I just delete but I was having a crap day today so I had to reply.Dear Mr. MacInnes, Thank you for contacting me about gun violence legislation. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue and am glad to have the opportunity to respond...
  4. SHTF Ambulance

    Hey NES, Has anyone ever thought of having an ambulance for a SHTF scenario?? It could be the ultimate SHTF vehicle. Fairly rugged, Lots of storage, places to treat wounded. They are fairly cheap at municipal surplus auctions.
  5. Need help finding OEM M39 accesories

    Hello NES, I just purchased a 1943 Finnish M39. It is my first Mosin rifle. Its in beautiful condition IMO. It is a bare rifle. I was hoping someone could tell me or show me what the original rifles were issued with. Sling, bayonet, stripper clips? pictures or links would be appreciated! BTW...
  6. Wednesday, July 27th, The State House. WE THE PEOPLE!!!

    This will be the official thread for the Wednesday July 27th Protest at the State House. Since some people aren't on Facebook, this will allow for us to give details about the protest. If you have Facebook here is the link. have a good...
  7. Interactive Reciprocity Maps

    I have used this page many times. Very handy.
  8. The material used for "Battle Packs"?

    Good evening NES, I was doing an inventory of personal ammo and unbeknownst to me, the missus bought a half dozen .308 battle packs. What material is the sleeve of these battle packs made out of? And can you DIY a way to seal up some bulk ammo? It seems like if sealed correctly, you could bury...
  9. Speaker Robert DeLeo pushing for more Gun Control

    Here we go again...
  10. Gun Stores on Cape Cod

    I've heard of Powderhorn Outfitters and Cape Gun Works. Are they any good? I'm heading down to Brewster for the weekend and wanted to check some out
  11. New EOPSS list.

    When is the new list coming out?
  12. Woman's Gun Club in Norfolk County???

    Hey NES, my fiancé is looking for a reputable gun club in the Norfolk County/ Metrowest area that has a strong female presence. We live in Millis. Anyone have anything? Thanks.
  13. First .308 AR build - what's the best?

    Hey NES, I'm looking to build my first .308 AR and need some advice on the best parts(receiver, barrel, lower, BCG) What are your favorites? Thanks, Will
  14. Who was the guy selling AR500 Targets and Gongs??

    This weekend I was at the Wilmington Gun Show. I bought a couple of smoking deals on some 12" and 10" gongs. I forgot to get a business card. If anyone knows who this gentleman is, please let me know so I can buy some more for the club range! Have a good day!
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