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  1. Midway complete upper

    Reaching out to the knowledgeable northeast masses on the Midway one day sale ar stoner a3 carbon length complete upper 239.99 free shipping I realize the bayo lug must be chopped and brake pinned and welded, at this price plus smithing fee does this seem like a deal. Any thoughts? Anyone...
  2. Good gunsmiths in South shore area of MA

    Hi all happy new year, looking to have some trigger work done to a newly acquired sig p938 love the gun but the trigger is little creepy and gritty was wondering if anybody could recommend a smith in the south shore area. Appreciate any feedback thanks.
  3. Wait time for interview at p.d.

    So my daughter dropped off her application and check to the p.d. on Sept 19 2014 the check hasn't been cashed and no call for interview. Was wondering what a reasonable amount of time would be, my renewal 2 years ago was 2 weeks for the call for interview. Any similar experiences, storys, input...
  4. opinions on biometric pistol safes

    Looking for a reliable,good quality reasonably priced handgun safe for quick,quiet acess on nightstand.Checked out the barska ax11620 and the locksafe pbs-001 mixed reviews on both.Wondering what you guys are using and how you like it or don't.Love to hear your opinions thanks.
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