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  1. Excellent customer service.

    I built up a rifle with a barrel from Remsport and hand guard from ALG Defense. Barrel turned out to have an accuracy issue. Contacted Cody at Remsport, and even though I had purchased the barrel something like four or five years ago, but just got around to building and shooting the riffle, he...
  2. 25 Meters Zeroing Target/MBUS Question

    Can anyone tell me how much I should expect zero to move at 25 meters when rotating the rear sight elevation knob back one click to the 300/800 meter mark so I can figure out how much to move the front sight post on the back up irons on my flat top?
  3. Took an earthy-crunchy hipster chick to the range...

    Well, not really the range but, I friend and I sometimes shoot of the deck at work once everyone's cleared out. One of the girls (an earthy-crunchy, hipster, organic farming, U-Mass student) stuck around to try shooting for her first time. Started her out with the .22 rifle, then set her behind...
  4. AK Mag Change Question

    What is the benefit to knocking the mag release lever with the full mag when doing non-retention mag changes with an ak style rifle? Seems just as easy and effective to do it with your thumb and you don't have to re-orient the new mag to insert it once the old one is out. Almost every tutorial I...
  5. Public range that rents near Marlborough, MA?

    Anyone know of a range that rents firearms near Marlborough or closer than Manchester/Salisbury? Thanks-
  6. Ok for concealed carry in MA?

    I was thinking about picking one of these up:
  7. Shirtless guy with rifle captures burglar

    Fin is one of the gurus in the hardboot snowboarding comunity. Shirtless guy with rifle captures burglar
  8. Friend visiting w/pistol?

    I've got a friend coming up from Georgia in July. She does not have a MA LTC. I have an LTC-A restrictions-none. Short of her getting a non-res LTC, is there any way we can leagaly get her pistol into the state while she is here? It is a Walther P-22 and I believe it has a MA compliant magazine.
  9. Looking for info on Iver Johnson's .38

    Trying to find out what I can about this revolver. I believe it's a .38, used to belong to my great grand dad. Now belongs to my father. It has a five digit number on the bottom of the triger guard. 475XX Obviously, it is missing the cylinder, and any related parts, if there are any. I'd...
  10. LTC in Hadley, MA?

    Anyone know if it's difficult to get a LTC-A alp in Hadley, MA?
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