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  1. Mansfield (MA) F&G Protective Assn

    If your thinking about joining mansfield fish and game. Save your time and money i joined 8 months ago, and you dont get your moneys worth. There are classes being held every time i wanna shoot witch is a pain in the butt, and the students are unsafe. On top of that i had problems with 8 - 10...
  2. Just bought a SW1911 pro series

    +1 e series is the way to go.
  3. expiration period on ammo?

    Just shake the ammo before you use it. This prevents hang fire, and shooting yourself accidently....
  4. Sks vs Highpoint 4595

    Go for a tommy gun!
  5. LTC-A restricted to "target"?

    U should have left out the part about protecting your self. That's illegal in mass. Lol, well unless you're a criminal.
  6. AFS Range Suicide - No. Attleboro

    I've seen worse shooter's at some of the nes shoots!!![rofl]
  7. !

  8. NES get together at BBC Sandwich (Cape Cod)

    Thanks for a great time, well organized, and a awesome turnout. I vote for Sharon. Caz we passed her around like a bag of doritos. I was saving a seat for my prez (Rick).
  9. NEShooters, LLC ?

    O man they have a NES HOOTERS!!! Next xmass party? ? in. Sorry I had to do it.
  10. Can I sit on my front porch with a shotgun?

    Supposedly u can still walk down the street with a rifle, and say your hunting indians.
  11. Beretta 92FS maintenance?

    Mine has more belly button lint than my belly button. And I neva have any issues. I even use ammo that my glock wouldnt shoot, with no problems. Try adding some belly button lint.
  12. TONs of AMMO @ D&Ls in Warick RI

    Shhhh don't tell!!! primers and powder tooo
  13. Track Santa through NORAD

    is he "protected" by the military industrial complex with fighter jets????
  14. Mansfield (MA) F&G Protective Assn

    I just help to unload 80 target stands from troop 51 at MFG and they are assembling new tables at the 100 yard. Go buy a xmass tree from them. Rt 106 mansfield center across from honey dew.
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