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  1. just when i was getting used to no primers, now no powder...

    The time to buy powder was back when you couldn’t spend your money on Bullets or primers. Prices were pretty stable then too. If you shoot a decent amount, or have multiple family members shooting 20k worth of powder won’t last very long.
  2. Shooting steel spinners

    Yup, that happens to us occasionally with the Aguila Super Extra ammo. I think if you hit the bottom of the plate just right it pops out. Doesn’t happen to any other plates, so we just keep shooting until all the mags are empty. It doesn’t seem to happen with the cheaper bulk ammo, or from...
  3. Shooting steel spinners

    I bought that same tree last spring and have been shooting the crap out of it. My kids love shooting it from about 30 ft. with our pistols. Can’t get enough of it. And it’s very portable to transport back and forth to the range.
  4. Shooting steel spinners

    I totally get that, I just figured shooting at a target 25 yds away with a handgun can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. My kids tend to have a lot more fun at closer ranges with a pistol.
  5. Shooting steel spinners

    Are you and your daughter planning to shoot 9mm pistols at the plates from 25 yards away? I always considered shooting at steel with a pistol to be more of a speed game. The targets are big and relatively close, and it can be moderately easy if you go slow and take your time, then the degree of...
  6. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    How many primers = 49 pounds??
  7. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    Another forum online requires a minimum of 50 posts before you can post a WTS ad.
  8. LCPII .22LR review

    How does the size compare to the LCP-II in .380?
  9. LCPII .22LR review

    I don't agree with that, I have some very reliable Ruger firearms. My Ruger PCC has been flawless, as has other Ruger handguns. I think the .22lr cartridge itself is more likely the problem, especially since many .22 pistols are sensitive to the ammo used. But, you are certainly entitled to...
  10. LCPII .22LR review

    I got an email fro Four Seasons Yesterday that I thought said they were in stock. im not sure I understand the purpose of that gun in .22LR.
  11. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    that didn’t happen to me. I ordered a UPS sized case from them a while ago when everyone else was out. They came very quickly. They were just “ok”, I wouldn’t buy them again, but I loaded and shot the whole case (9mm) and they didn’t turn my hands black. Of all the coated Bullets I’ve tried...
  12. When the cops come to confiscate: How do they know you eFA10'd them to somebody else since guns never leave the registry?

    Unless the seller keeps your money, and reports the gun stolen saying he thinks you may have taken it.
  13. Which Red Dot For My Ruger PCC

    it works “like” a red dot at 1x, but it’s still very different. The most limiting factor is eye relief. With a scope, you have a much smaller area to get behind it in order to shoot. With a red dot you have a much wider range of area where you can still look through the windo and line up a quick...
  14. New Primer Tube Filler

    Pro tip for those filling multiple primer tubes. Get yourself some fiber optic dust caps to put on the tube after its full. Works better than the plastic piece that comes with the tube. Mine ended up too loose and would fall off and spill primers. The dust covers are a tighter fit, and easy to...
  15. Which Red Dot For My Ruger PCC

    That is an interesting choice, it would never occur to me to put a scope (or anything with magnification) on a CX4 Storm, or a Ruger PCC either. Steiner makes some good stuff, but remember, just because you can reach out and touch something far away doesn’t mean it will be effective. But, I also...
  16. Which Red Dot For My Ruger PCC

    I would recommend bumping the budget up to $320 and get a Holosun 510C, or the 507C if you prefer the smaller window. At this time next year you will have long forgotten what you paid for the red dot.
  17. New Primer Tube Filler

    Yeah, I was looking hard at that one. Then, I noticed a bunch of folks over on Enos were having trouble with it so I ended up with a Pal.
  18. Moving a gun safe

    It will end up costing you $500 - $700 to move it.
  19. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I use TiteGroup, WST, and Bullseye powders with a Dillon powder measure. My scale is a GemPro 500 that measures out to 0.05 grains. I verify the weight of 4 cartridges for every 100 I load. Three are random, and the 4th is every time the low primer warning goes off. I keep track of each...
  20. New Primer Tube Filler

    With a Pal Filler, yesterday it took me 6 minutes to load up 5 tubes with 100 CCI large pistol primers each without a hiccup. So far, the only downside to the Pal filler is that the area to dump the primers is too small to fit the Federal primer package, so I just dump them into a large...
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