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  1. Please help me fix my 1911.

    Hi, I went to the range today with my father in law. Worst mistake of my life. Now my brand new s&w 1911 pro series 3 inch, 45 acp is broken. So what was happening was, I would put the mag in the gun. Rack the slide, and fire the gun. As soon as I fired the gun. The mag fell out the bottom. So I...
  2. Berretta cx4 storm 9mm carbine

    I figured I would just let my fellow brothers at nes know that 4 season just posted yesterday that they got 30 of these in stock. Better grab before they gone. I on the other hand have a cx4 storm, that I bought a year ago and still have not got to shoot it yet. My gun club is only handguns. I...
  3. surfing the web and found this!

    is a scope that makes the average joe a sniper, "as they say". To me it looks and feels like a video game. and the trigger is cocked and is shooting position at all time. i cant even explain it but check the video below. scroll half way down where it says smart rifle. Smith & Wesson booked...
  4. worlds dumbest cop.

    i saw this and thought it looked funny. Possibly World?s Dumbest Cop
  5. Problems with feeding round on 1911

    Please help. I did some research and it seems other people have had this problem too. I have a s&w 45 acp 1911 pro series with a 3 inch barrel. I have gone to the range with this gun twice this week. I just bought it new. I cleaned it today. The round will not chamber into the barrel...
  6. 1911 calibered in .357

    FPSRussia- Coonan .357 Magnum 1911 - YouTube click the link to look at it. coonan .357 1911
  7. Film director held at airport

    Palestinian Director Emad Burnat -- Airport Officials Treated Me Like Dirt | sorry if repost , i thought this would be funny for the forum
  8. stupid question about night sights

    so i have a sig p232 with factory night sights installed. i have had it for almost a year now. yesterday i was cleaning it and notice that my rear sight with the two holes have two different color. the left one is green and the right one is more yellow. the front sight is green so when you line...
  9. Would you trade a ...

    hello. i was wondering if anyone would think this is a fair trade or would i be losing out... i was thinking of trading my Beretta cx4 storm 9mm carbine for a smith & wesson "the governor" i bought the cx4 storm on a impluse buy about a six months to a year ago. my problem is i can't shoot it...
  10. Espn 30 for 30, Bo knows

    Did anyone catch the show. It was really great and at the end you see Bo Jackson at home in his man cave with all his hunting gear. He had me arrows than I see in a store. He is a Hugh crossbow hunter. Anyways the show is about his life and how he played two sports. Catch it in espn classic today.
  11. .22lr cal ar15 ban?

    do you think if a ban happens... would it be by caliber size or just ar style rifles in general? the other thing i wanted to ask is, do you think if they have a assault weapons ban happens, that they will grandfather in people who own the ar's already, or do you think people will have to give...
  12. When is the next gun show

    In ma or n.h. For this month. Oct or next nov. 2012 thanks
  13. AR question for a newbie

    When people talk about building a AR gun with uppers and lowers? Do all brands mix and match? Because people say oh I have this upper and this kind of lower? Thanks
  14. show me your custom grips / handles

    please post only customs ones you bought to update your current grip. my is a sig p232, with a hogue alumina grip. all one color now. before the grip was black and made the gun ugly compared to this now. from what i think , anyways. thanks.
  15. hi all, ? about g19

    hi, i am a new ltc as of the beginning of summer. i went out and bought a sig mosquito and bought it because being a newbie i figured i should start small. then went out and got a sig p232 and love it. i bought it because i thought it was and is a good conceal gun. and of coarse i love the looks...
  16. new survival rifle

    collapses into the stock, check it out and tell me what you think?
  17. i wanna talk to someone

    can you type your frequency that you are broadcasting in so i can try to communicate with you. thank you very much in advance. im in chelsea right now but live in saugus. can you also send the time that you will be on so i dont have to check this post all day. thanks again.
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