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  1. Isn't she beautiful

    Went shopping today picked up a vp9 with the midnight bronze slide soo sexy
  2. Ltd renewal

    I might be freaking out over nothing but I went to a concert in new Hampshire in july and went and a little too hard and ended up getting pc'd they kept me for awhile and let me go my renewal is coming up in March should I be worried come renewal time?
  3. FedEx still supports NRA

    FedEx stays loyal to the NRA as gun control pressure builds and boycotts loom I work at fedex didn't even knew that they offered any discounts I am still getting calls asking if we support the nra and had a few jabroni's give me crap when I told them yes we did receive a nice email from...
  4. School me on high point carbines

    I decided to pick up a high point in 9mm it should arrive in the next day or so. Ive read a lot of mixed reviews on the interwebs and i Would like some input from my fellow NES members
  5. Mas 36 yes or no?

    I was thinking of getting a mas well cause they look cool ;) any way a few questions: Does any one here currently have one? I have done some reading on these and there were some That were re chambered to .308 besides the ammo being more available is there any other advantage or...
  6. My First Purchase! Ain't she beautiful

    Or she will be once i get her all cleaned up[smile] the numbers appear to be all matching. wondering if its a possible sino soviet? will have to wait till it get totally clean
  7. My LTC arrived today

    just got a text from my bro xero2099 my ltc arrived today with no Restrictions[smile] not too bad of a wait compleated my paper work on march 31 , also got my C & R last week my bank account is gonna be crying lol
  8. Got my C&R today

    sent the paperwork on march 18 just got it the mail today not too bad of a wait[smile]
  9. just went green

    hi everyone i have been on this site for a awhile and decided it was time to go green [smile] i look forward to continue chatting with everyone
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