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  1. 'Straight Pride’ organizer jailed for alleged role in US Capitol attack freed but banned from protests, travel Why should the mother be forced to relinquish her firearms?
  2. Massachusetts police officer, business partner face federal gun charges
  3. WTT WTT: My .22LR, or .22WMR, for your .357 Magnum, .44 Spl, .44 Magnum, or 12 gauge 2 3/4" buck

    I have more than I need of the first half of the above listed calibers (all brass-cased range ammo) and not enough of the 2nd. Tell me how much of what you're interested in and I'll go down to the basement and take pics of the boxes. Seeing what kind of interest there is out there. Tell me what...
  4. What do people think about this?

    Suicide Accounts for Most Gun Deaths. A Libertarian Approach Could Help. Suicide Accounts for Most Gun Deaths. A Libertarian Approach Could Help.
  5. WTS WTS: Savage 64 Takedown - Price Reduction + Ammo!

    Location : Waltham/Lexington Description : Savage Arms - 64F + 1 brick (500 rounds) of .22 LR range ammo Accessories : Everything that came with it (box, bag, 1 mag) Selling Terms : FTF EFA-10 Price : $175, will consider trades + cash Contact Information: PM here nal) Statement of Legal...
  6. Back the Blue - 9/11 Memorial Rally Tomorrow Morning at the Lexington Battle Green

    Sorry for the last minute notice, but if you can make it please come. The spoiled pukes from the "Sunrise" movement have already announced they will be there to "counter-protest" (lower image). Hope to see you there.
  7. Mid/Lower Cape Gun Ranges

    Finally "pulling the trigger" and buying a 2nd home on the Cape. Want to join a range. Bass River Rod and Gun in Yarmouth Port and Cape Cod Fish and Game in Harwich are about equidistant. Would appreciate your input on both. Thanks.
  8. Interesting Book Review in Today's WSJ
  9. Fatal Bicycle Crash Under Investigation in Arlington

    I added the bold. Would like to know under what circumstances they searched the trunk. ARLINGTON – Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Arlington Chief of Police Julie Flaherty have confirmed the investigation into a fatal bicycle crash that occurred yesterday in Arlington. On May 5...
  10. Newb Trap Shooter Question

    Decided to take up trap, having some difficulty finding target loads. Looking for 2 3/4", 8 shot, 2 3/4 DRAM EQ. TSUSA is completely out of stock, so I went to Four Seasons, where I was told they only stock buck shot and slugs. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  11. Anyone Own a Savage 64F Takedown?

    Looks interesting. Curious to hear about your hands-on experience with it and whether it represents a good alternative to other 22LR takedowns. Savage Arms - 64F
  12. Check out the revolver this 18 YO gangbanger was carrying

    Boston police arrest man, 18, on gun charges in Roxbury after foot chase - The Boston Globe
  13. Globe sees "40S&W" on a CZ, calls it a Smith and Wesson

    Boston police recover loaded gun from Jamaica Plain laundry room
  14. NRA Faces a Challenge From Pro-Gun Groups - Today's Wall Street Journal

    NRA Faces a Challenge From Pro-Gun Groups NRA Faces a Challenge From Pro-Gun Advocates
  15. Conservative ex-state Rep. Jim Lyons wins Mass GOP chair

    What's left of the Massachusetts Republican party grew a pair last night.
  16. Baker is bystander, not leader, on gun legislation

    Baker is bystander, not leader, on gun legislation - CommonWealth Magazine
  17. Police will be at Wellesley High School after firearm is found at nearby Hunnewell Field

    Globe article. Found this part interesting: "Police are trying to trace the history of the firearm with the help of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives which maintains a database of firearms. “It does not appear to be registered in Massachusetts,” police wrote."
  18. Watertown Man Faces Charges After Leaving Gun on Trunk of Vehicle

    Watertown Man Faces Charges After Leaving Gun on Trunk of Vehicle
  19. Today's ERPO vote in the house

  20. Utah Gun Exchange parks truck with "machine gun" next Lexington Battle Green, liberal heads explode

    Google Groups There's a post on their FB page describing their trip.
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