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  1. Trying to understand systems, sites, groups (scanner)

    Coming from an old conventional scanner, I'm trying to wrap my head around the hierarchy of "channels" on a a uniden 325p2. I'm using freescan to program it. The basic functionality I'm looking for is to be able to group "channels" that I am able scan, turn on and off by pushing the number...
  2. Hogue forend and Mossberg 500

    Trying to install a hogue on a Mossberg 500 but it doesn't seem to want to fit. What am I missing here?
  3. How to seal mylar bags

    So I got a big ol bag of rice. Already had a food saver (v2244). Fill the bag with rice, spilling it everywhere. Is this machine supposed to be able to seal mylar bags? Is there some trick to it?
  4. Hypothetical question about rifle build in MA

    If someone has an AR15 lower that was purchased before the Maura letter date, can that still be built into a rifle and registered, or is it in some sort of no man's land? Tl;Dr: it wasn't very long.
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