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  1. Kitchen knives

    So I'm looking to replace a couple of kitchen knives. I currently have a Henkel set, I think it's the pro series with the twin stick figures on it. Anyway, my Santoku is worn down to the indents/dimples from sharpening and seems to be affecting sharpening it now. So I wanted to get a new one...
  2. Non-Res MA LTC after moving to NH

    So looks like my move to NH may be moving forward. Got an assessment of my house here in MA, and numbers look good enough for me to start looking in NH. Started thinking about needing a non-res MA LTC as I will still be spending time in MA and most likely living pretty close to the border...
  3. Help ID Schrade model

    I have a Schrade folding knife, it doesn't appear to have any model ID on it. Anyone have any idea what model number this knife might be? It says Schrade Walden N.Y. on one side of each blade, but can't find anything else on blades or handle. Thanks
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