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  1. save your pennies Mass. hunters...

    1-800-WE- POACH. Jack.
  2. Best way to pin and weld compensator

    Just saying that there are many threads on this also. Jack.
  3. Best way to pin and weld compensator

    Next: The adjustable stock. Jack.
  4. Best way to pin and weld compensator

    I know nutting. Jack.
  5. Membership dues

    It is. Been doing it all my life. $100 max. No problem. Of course, now that I've said that------Jack.
  6. Membership dues

    Forget all this crap and just mail in cash. Jack.
  7. 1911 ... gap between hammer and fp

    WITH THE GUN UNLOADED push on the hammer. What, if anything, happens? Jack.
  8. Part time resident as per 4473 - suggestions?

    I'll just keep my yap shut. Jack.
  9. The Mill

    Megan sits on my lap or shoulder. Not comfy on a finger. Jack.
  10. The Mill

    Each tenant in the Mill, FFL or otherwise, is an independent business. Jack.
  11. The Mill

    Thanks, Randy. Jack.
  12. The Mill

    I lost count at 55 and that was a while ago. Jack.
  13. The Mill

    Good grief. What kind of monster have I helped to create here? Jack.
  14. Barrel shortening

    You can hack it off with most anything. The key is to restore the crown. Jack.
  15. What’s your Dream gun?

    HK MP45 SD. (.45 with suppressor). Jack.
  16. Room clearing by professionals

    A little putty and paint...........Jack.
  17. Australians With 3D Printers Turning To Disposable Barrels

    There are many ways. Given a hi-speed press and progressive dies you can blank and form over 1000 sheet metal frame halves per hour. Jack.
  18. Pre Healy???

    Good on you for thinking outside the box. Most folks cant/won't or try. Jack.
  19. Pre Healy???

    Thanks, but not even close to Kim. Jack.

    YOU LIVE IN A GREEN TOWN. Period. Your FID is evidence Over and out. Jack.
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