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  1. Pre ban or post ban?

    Was represented as a pre ban on Gunbroker. The seller told me the groove in the mag towards the top means it's pre ban. A friend told me he was 100 percent sure it was post ban. Please let me know thanks in advance
  2. What did Gunny R. Lee Ermey call the Garand?

    What did Gunny R. Lee Ermey call the Garand? I watched the Lock and Load episode and can't remember what he called it. He called it the __________ Dinger because of the sound it made when the clip ejected. I tried posting this in the off topic section with no luck.
  3. How to sell a C&R handgun in Mass?

    I have a C&R license and understand that if I sell it to someone with a C&R license we exchange signed copies and log it out of my bound book. Does that have to be done FTF or can someone send me there info and I can mail the firearm directly to the buyer. I am out of FTF's for the year, can a...
  4. Moving with MG's

    I will be staying in Mass unfortunately(my wife's fault). Is there any process or hoops I need to jump through in order to bring my MG's to a new town, besides the standard letting the chief know within 90 days.
  5. Picked up a couple of Mil Surps today

    Picked up a couple of Mil Surps today A Springfield Armory M1A and a Russian Nagant, I used a link and found it to be a Izhevsk M38.
  6. registering a firearm

    I looked at a M1 Garand today that had no serial numbers on the receiver, it was a Springfield Armory. I would really like to buy this rifle because it is brand new. The barrel stamp was 64 IIRC . So is this legal for me to buy and if so how do I register it. Is there a year cutoff that...
  7. Need pointers rifle shooting

    Need some pointers to fine tune my accuracy at 100 yards and out. I have a Remington 700 SPS in .308 with a Barska 8x32x44 scope. Wondering if anyone has some pointers for me. Should I start shooting at closer ranges then move out gradually.I have always shot accurate as far as hunting and...
  8. Caught this Small mouth on a lure that I made

    Caught this Small mouth on a lure that I made. I will be selling these, link to Classifieds.
  9. M&P 40c

    I have a M&P 40c and twice with my reloads I have had problems. I"m at work now but off the top of my head I am using WSP primers Win 165 Flat nose with a OAL of 1.12" and 5 grains of Bullseye. I have had a light primer strikes twice in the last 200 rounds and when the weapon does not fire I...
  10. How to buy a gun from someone that has there LTC revoked

    How do you LEGALLY buy a firearm from someone that has had there LTC revoked for OUI. Can you still do a FA-10, or does it have to go through a FFL? The weapon is an pre-ban AK if that matters. Thanks Dan K
  11. 7.62 Tracers and FMJ's

    I was given some 7.62 FMJ's and some Tracers from a M-60 they were belted. Is it safe to use these in a new .308. The rounds are probably 25-30 years old. I have a Remington 700 to shoot them out of. Thanks in advance Dan
  12. Anyone load 38 S&W not SPECIAL

    I have just acquired a S&W 33-1 chambered in 38 s&w the ammo is $30 for 50 rounds. I found dies cannot find bullets, but from my research it seems that people are loading them with .357, .38 bullets. I know there is a difference between there specs but this will not be used for precision...
  13. Old pistol 32 maybe

    Anyone know what this is? It seems to be a 32 cal. Got it in parts. Wondering if its worth putting together right. I just put the parts on it so it looks functional. Sorry it also says us revolver co made in USA.
  14. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For

    If this is a dupe I apologize, but I thought it was worth sharing.
  15. Martin Monster Buck @ Dicks

    Anyone have any luck with these. I am replacing a 15+ year old Browning. I know I have to go to a release, Carbon arrows and peep sight. Just wondering if someone can say yay or nay from experience. Also I am probably only going to be able to go out a handful of times and do not want a $1000...
  16. Restrictions Hunting Target and Protection???????????

    My brother just got his LTC A. and the restrictions are Hunting, Target and Protection what does that mean. He is in Russell, Ma.
  17. Penalty for having an operable collapsible stock on a post ban weapon

    Today I was trying to explain to someone that because of the AWB I could not have a collapsible stock that wasn't pinned or otherwise could not be adjusted on a post ban gun. The person I was talking to was an avid hunter and replied well who's going to know. I told him I knew it was a serious...
  18. Magnetic Partical Inspected bolt carrier ??

    What is the difference between a Magnetic Partical Inspected bolt carrier assembly to one that has not been inspected this way?
  19. I there a way to check how many FA10's

    I there a way to check how many FA10's you have done? I believe I have done 3 but not sure.
  20. Everytime I see an Obama sign on someones lawn I get pissed

    Every time I see an Obama sign on someones lawn I get pissed. My question to you fine folks is where do I get a McCain sign I would even drive with one in the back of my truck. Any help will be appreciated.
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