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  1. WTB Power Supply

    Need a power supply with enough oomph to run a 50w vhf radio. Pls PM. Thanks, Jack. W1FKG.
  2. WTB radio

    I've been licensed for 55 yrs and my oldest son in NH, for whatever reason, wants to get into ham radio. I've given him stuff that I never use, a 2m handheld and a couple of antennas. When he gets his tech ticket I'd like him to have a base station with more power. Have anything reasonably...
  3. Xmass shopping done

    Envelopes stuffed with 50s and 100s. Names on the envelopes. Also one filled with bonies for Sven, the pup and one with cashews for Megan. 14 in all. Dinner will be here in Acton. The gals will bring goodies and I'll spring for a Chinese take-out pigout. Good times. Jack.
  4. Xmass shopping done.

  5. Family deer count

    Between the three sons and Little Jack they are at 10 total. One of the best seasons ever. Lots of deer around. Jack.
  6. Second Maine deer

    NH son Lance just sent pic of his second Maine deer. 10 pt. buck. Family deer count is now at 10. He's at the family deer camp and Little Jack is still looking to tip one over, Jack.
  7. Family deer count

    Nine total for NH and Maine. Still tags for NH and bonus tags for Maine left, so there will be more. Then Mass. Freezers filling up. Jack.
  8. Big bugs on deer?

    Son Scott in NH shot a big buck yesterday. To keep it cool, he filled the cavity with ice in bags and bottles. As the buck cooled hundreds of big bugs (not ticks) jumped off the hide and ran off. Ever see anything like this? Jack.
  9. Got the call from Maine

    The three sons went up to the family deer camp in Maine yesterday. Just got the call. All three had a deer down by 8:00 this AM. They all still have bonus tags, so we'll see how the day goes. Wish I were there, but the back says no. Jack.
  10. Just got the call.

    From Little Jack in NH. Tipped over a big doe with his smoke pole. Doe dropped on the spot. Then two bucks came and fought over it. So far now, four deer for the freezer. Maine is coming up. Jack.
  11. Just got first 2020 call

    NH bow season is off to a good start. NH sons took a buck and a doe from their tree stands this AM. Little Jack is in school, so he will be doing the "evening" shifts. Jack.
  12. Wanted to buy MC part

    Little Jack is restoring a Honda 1964 CB77 Super hawk 305. Needs a kick starter arm. Pls PM me. Thanks, Jack.
  13. The Mill is full

    Update. I lose count, but we may have close to 60 or so 07's (some applied and waiting) at the mill in Littleton. Running out of space. Good times. Jack.
  14. Loosing count

    With all the FFL tenants either already licensed or soon to be at the Mill in Littleton, we must be up to around 60 or so. Guess that I made my goal of 10 a few years ago. FFLives matter. Jack.
  15. Maine any deer permit.

    You can apply for them now. Jack.
  16. Tannerite for cannons?

    Son Lance in NH tells me that he was at a pal's house when he wheeled out a big cannon, charged it with tannerite and a cast concrete projectile. Says that the muzzle blast was quite something. I thought that you had to shoot at tannerite and the impact set if off? Never heard of using concrete...
  17. Ruger .357 long lost or stolen?

    Very old story, but I have nothing else to do and you may or may not find it interesting. Feb 1985: I brought in from a dist. and transferred to a "Friend" a Ruger Security 6 blue .357 revolver S/N 161-531XX...
  18. CCW plus OC

    I CCW whenever I leave the house. My back is so bad from the arthritis now that I sometimes use a walking stick so as not to fall on my ass. At the end of the stick I have a pound of lead buried in it. If I need to, I can swing it into a guy's nuts and drive them up into his brains. Jack.
  19. Bear down

    Just got the call from NH son Lance (Little Jack's dad) who is hunting with his Alaskan brother there. Good size black bear. Still have brown and black tags to go. Lance shot the bear from across a small river, so he had to strip down to his skivvies and carry his gun and clothes across. The...
  20. Green membership Karma

    Well, times are tough all over, but here at the Mill in Littleton the tenants are, for the most part, able to keep up with the rent payments. So we are able to keep up with the bills. Hope that things improve. That being said, I'm at 10,000 mostly worthless posts so I would like to treat two...
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