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  1. Non Resident CT Pistal Permit "Processing Time"

    I applied On August 12th, 2020. For a Non-Resident. Sent email Monday and the response give was that it would be 3-4 months from the time it was wntered i to the system. They told me it was entered on 9/8/2020. They also told me my application was still pending waiting outcome of background...
  2. Non Resident Connecticut LTC

    I applies in August, They received on the 12th Check cashed on the 15th of september. Texas LTC records pulled by CT on the 15th of Spetember too. (Texas law requires notification if anyone checks status of Texas LTC and who checked the status) Yet as of today i have heard or received notta!
  3. Non Resident Connecticut LTC

    I am assuming your a resident of CT as well though?
  4. Non Resident Connecticut LTC

    When did you apply?
  5. Non Resident Connecticut LTC

    I applied August 12th, 2020 and I’m still waiting on mine... no answer yet as of December 2nd 2020. When looking at appeals for denials.... they go all the way out till 2023.
  6. What is your line in the sand?

    Nobody wants war of any type. Nobody wants to out their life on the line if they dont have too. Maybe nothing will happen in the next 4 years, and hopefully that will be true. I would hope none of it happens. But when I look at history.... History repeats itself. Things will get worse before...
  7. What is your line in the sand?

    1% would be enough if properly organized. Problem is getting us organized.
  8. What is your line in the sand?

    Well lets take a look at an incident in the revolutionary war, or at the start of it. England taxed the hell out of Tea. Exhorbant tax on Tea. A group of protesters then went to Boston Harbor and threw all the tea into the harbor! Civil Disobediance. Were some arrested and shot, yes there...
  9. What is your line in the sand?

    The the thing though. How many of those will actually will say NO. Without enough of us... we will loose.
  10. What is your line in the sand?

    maybe, maybe not depends on many different possibilities. I would join a militia if i havent allready. I beleive it will take an organized effort. If you dont wish to do anything if they repeal the 2nd and come door to door to confiscate. Then that is your god given right. Not saying or...
  11. What is your line in the sand?

    Well, You pose a very good question. This is only my opinion.... But i see it first off as many "waco", "Ruby Ridge" style incidents happening. Where many lawr enforcement and civilians loose their lives. Rioting. I also see it starting out similar to the Civil War, where red states decide to...
  12. What is your line in the sand?

    For the most part I tend to agree with you. However i our 200+ yr history there have been 3 major wars on our homeground. And in another war, our ground was attacked and invaded. (Pearl Harbor attacked, Aleutian Islands invaded) So there are times we have been known to take drastic action on...
  13. What is your line in the sand?

    You make a good point that is so true. There have been many statements Biden and other democrats have made that in all reality will be close to impossible to do. One example Is to shut down the Oil/gas production of Oklahoma and Texas. We rely so heavily on oil and gas from these two states as...
  14. What is your line in the sand?

    Sadly Thats been so true, but look at history with any issue(s) before revolution or cival war broke out, or any other war for that matter, Many lines in the sand were drawn before enough was enough. There is always a breaking point.
  15. What is your line in the sand?

    History has shown us, that there is always a go time for the masses. Always. What the that go time is though varies depending on many factors. It has happened not just once in the history of our great country but twice. Some may even say more because of pearl harbor for WW2. i like so many...
  16. What is your line in the sand?

    So your saying that the government could go so far to repeal the 2nd and confiscate door to door and not one single person will do anything and not one single life will be lost?
  17. What is your line in the sand?

    That’s why I said one doesn’t need to give their answer lol, I just want you to think for yourself and know what your line in the sand is. Because it’s very possible that day maybe soon.
  18. What is your line in the sand?

    I would gather a guess, that all of us here are gun owners of some sort, or why would we be here?? No matter your political or religious beliefs, the current state of affairs in our country is at an all time low with discourse in our nation. Is it as bad as it was in 1863 prior to the civil...
  19. Possible issue? appeal...

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. It hasn’t been an issue so far, but it did come up on another issue I was attempting approval on. I had to provide court documents showing dismissed, expunged. I am in the process of getting that updated/expunged etc with the FBI database. Go figure! Lol...
  20. Connecticut rights group appeals state's AWB to SCOTUS

    The angle I was referring too, is the one taken in the federal courts here in Texas, started by a Texas Resident, in which that the ATF can’t take action to ban an item like a bump stock without action from congress. Meaning that congress has to pass a law to ban them, claiming the ATF doesn’t...
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