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  1. WTB 30-30 Win ammo

    Looking for factory 30-30 win ammo; reloads are fine, too. TIA
  2. Wife moved to FL from MA-questions of how to buy

    My wife moved to FL from MA because of her work and is renting an apartment there now. I still work in MA and both of us had LTC in MA, but she is now a FL resident. I figure she now has nice gun shops nearby (Tampa area), can we explore this situation to possibly bring pre-94 rifle to MA? She...
  3. DS-9 carbine from Dark Storm

    I became interested in the DS-9 9 mm carbine from Dark Storm industries: DS-9 | Dark Storm Industries They list MA-compliant carbines, and these look good. Weight is 6.25 lbs, 0.5 lbs heavier than Beretta CX4 Storm, and cost is 1-1.2K. Does anyone have experience with these carbines? Seems they...
  4. LTC Renewal in Salem,MA

    Has anyone renewed their LTC in Salem, MA recently? I am trying to renew my LTC as a business owner, no response to my calls/emails from the police. Just silence. How do I get an appointment? Any hints? TIA
  5. compact striker pistols accuracy

    With meaty barrels, crisp triggers and very comfortable grip, accuracy of the latest crop of service compact pistols became just great. Who needs a 1911 in 9 mm? Here are my CZ P-10c and G19 Gen5 at 25 yards. Was shooting rapid-fire at a piece of the splatter target and was wearing gloves; it...
  6. Night sights on G43

    Who can install night sights on the Glock 43 on the North Shore? Called FS, their gunsmith said he did not have the tools to deal with G43, thinner slide. Strange. TIA
  7. New Walther PPS

    Did anyone buy a 2014 PPS from Walther? I bought one in 9 mm just a couple of weeks ago and am very positively impressed. Buttery smooth crisp trigger, short trigger pull and reset, accurate to 20 yards and no malfunctions. Fired 200 rds and trigger pull is 5.5 lbs measured by scale. Called...
  8. Does anyone shoot 20 Ga in clays?

    I am about to get a Browning Silver Micro or Youth in 20 Ga from relatives. They bought it for their daughter but she did not like shooting, so that the shotgun is unused. I myself have 0 experience with shotguns (many years with pistols and rifles) and wonder if it can be reasonably adopted for...
  9. Cannot post in the classifieds anymore-thought I was a green member still?

    I have a problem posting in the classifieds. It is a pity that the Forum uses the new RSS system that is so unfriendly. But anyway, I cannot post there anymore-is there any trick?
  10. Benelli M3 opinions

    Hi folks, I saw a Benelli M3 here in MA, new. Looks like a neat shotgun that can fire anything with a switch from auto to pump and back. Barrel length about 20 inches, so it is a home defense shotgun, but probably can be used with slugs if the barrel is rifled. Fit and finish looked first rate...
  11. WTB .308 win ammo

    I would like to buy inexpensive .308 factory ammo for practice. Located on the North Shore of MA. Have Golden Tiger 7.62x39 ammo to trade. Please PM
  12. How do we get a piston AR?

    So how do we get a piston AR in MA? I do not see that either S&W M&P15PS or Stag model 8 are compliant. I do not want Ruger or Sig. What FFL can receive a piston AR and transfer after muzzle brake/stock fixing? I think that would be the most straightforward way to go in MA. BTW, will that void...
  13. Melonite treatment links

    Who does Melonite treatment on guns besides Coal Creek Armory? Any links would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Anyone shot Glock 24?

    I came across a Glock 24 .40S&W in good condition. Long barrel but no opening in the slide like in G35. Looks like a good platform for action shooting. Anyone shot one? How does it fare against G22 or G35? More accurate? What games is it appropriate for? TIA
  15. Springfield XD-9

    Got a SA XD-9 service pistol purely by chance, incidentally. They are quite rare in Mass, I understand, especially in LNIB condition. What a nice pistol! I was surprised by the overall solid feel and the quality of design. I'd say it is better than Glock 19 in some aspects-great grip and trigger...
  16. Glock customer service?

    Has anyone had experience with Glock customer service? I wonder if you need to send them warranty card, etc. and what do they do for free. My G34 locks back prematurely. Plus, I wanted to switch the extended mag release for regular release-the extended digs my left hand. Will I have to pay for...
  17. Muzzle brake weld on AK

    I would like to weld a muzzle brake on my Ak-47. The muzzle is threaded and I'd like to make it Mass-compliant. Will locktite-ing the muzzle brake on the threads do it? If welding is required, who can do it nicely on the North Shore of Boston? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  18. Sig 556 or M&P15ORC Rifle

    What is the Forum's opinion of Sig 556 rifle? It is quite heavy (7.8 pounds) and the front furniture looks a bit cheesy. The gas piston adds reliability for the long haul. The ORC carbine from S&W can be had for $400 less and is light. Fixed flash suppressor can be added later. This is for...
  19. Browning Buckmark

    Are new Buckmarks going to become available in Mass? I sure hope so for 2008. My guess is, AG is the only stumbling block now, correct? Buckmark is on the List.
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