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  1. **Attention glock armorers** Zev trigger installation

    I hear you but that's not the way this trigger is advertised even speaking with the folks at Zev. It's a full drop in trigger with zero initial adjustments. Everything is brand new and polished that goes into the gun. I'm just looking for a suitable direction thanks for pointing out the obvious...
  2. **Attention glock armorers** Zev trigger installation

    Yeah haha I double checked twice once I realized it wasn't going smoothly
  3. **Attention glock armorers** Zev trigger installation

    My Zev Tech Fulcrum trigger pack showed up today and I sank a reasonable amount of time into dropping it into my 19 with no real progress. i can't get my trigger to reset all the way up and allow the trigger safety to reset as well. The only way to get a full reset is by forcing the trigger...
  4. Show us your Snipers and Hunting Rifles

    Got it just before the gun buying madness. Knights Armament SR-25 ER
  5. P Mags

    You will never know now that they are 1.2million back ordered. Yes they are like gold
  6. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    My version of a Mk12/SPR. all Noveske pieces.
  7. Show us your Snipers and Hunting Rifles

    .300wm/Nightforce and .308/Millet
  8. Show me your Glocks!

    haha it sure would ive done it to several i got lucky and got these at normal glock prices. Have Lou do it at Business End Customs his work is immaculate!
  9. Show me your Glocks!

    FDE gen4 17s are the toughest to get right now. Im a fan of gen 3s so i didnt bother but Gun Broker has a lot, just search FDE Glock
  10. Show me your Glocks!

    Only glocks i own right now and theyre a Day old. New Flat Dark Earth glock 17 and Flat Dark Earth Gen4 21. This picture sucks unfortunately ill get some better ones to show the frames true color.[smile]
  11. Two Apaches rip Taliban to shreds

    hahahaa yes. Love the quality its much easier to follow that other videos
  12. WASR-10 Questions

    Awesome thank you i have a friend in NH that knows about what you said on the mag well and front sights but he doesnt know about MA law. I do all my business with Stateline so thats good. Do you mind explaining the Double/Single stack mag thing better sorry that was new news to me. thanks
  13. will a tikka 300 win stock fit on a tikka 308?

    Im not an expert with Tikka rifles but you need to make sure the actions are the same. .300wm is always in a Long Action with all companies, so dropping in a .308's action would not fit it since .308 is a shorter. Tikka's website says a .308w is considered a medium action and .300wm is long, so...
  14. WASR-10 Questions

    Im finally crossing over into AK land after years of feeling like i wasnt missing out on anything, and now i must have one. Is a WASR a good choice, its going to get a Krink conversion down road, even though 7.62 Krink kits are more rare. Im all set with the 5.45 round, it doesnt do anything for...
  15. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Burnt Bronze Cerakote ill get better pics up that show it off in proper lighting
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