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  1. Randolph LTC Licensing

    A friend is trying to get an LTC in Randolph. Got off the phone with him and he stated that the chief said he could get an interview in March of 2021! WTF is going on here? Any local updates on Randolph?
  2. Need a Router - Battery vs Corded

    Need a router. Am looking at both of these Makita options: Any input on either or suggestions?Both will get the job done but I'm more inclined to go corded even though I do love my 18v tools.
  3. Anybody Use A Neil Jones Decapper

    Anybody use the Neil Jones Decapper Unit?
  4. NOTORIOUS RBG Back in Hospital

    I hope she can get back to doing God's work soon. The Judicuary needs a principled, objective, and unbiased voice during these trying times.
  5. Lynx Defense 36" Rifle Bag

    Anyone have this bag? I have no doubt it's top shelf, but am looking for comments from others on its use. Retails for $269.
  6. Opinions on a Ruger SR-556 for $1,000

    I have a chance to pick up a good condition Ruger SR 556 for $1,000. I have a Ruger AR556, which is a DI rifle, but am tempted by this offer for the piston version. Reviews of the gun are very favorable but I think the only real advantage seems to be less frequent cleaning needed with a bit of...

    Confirms what we have suspected:
  8. TX Homeowner Shoots Mans Car for Turning Around in Driveway

    This is nuts. Old story, but newly released footage. That guy should not own firearms.
  9. NHFC Email Update

    These guys have been quiet for a while but just an update email from the New Hampshire Frearms Coalition. Try and support this group if you can. NH is the stronghold for 2A in the Northeast, lets keep it that way: For several months the State House was very quiet and we at New Hampshire...
  10. No Open Carry for You Crime up exponentially in 3....2....1 "Prior to the open carry law, when Jackson police officers saw a gun in plain view, it gave them probable cause to seize the weapon and determine if it was an...
  11. 5 Former AG's Backing Healey

    Good gawd.
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