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  1. AR Stripped Lower - Legal Fail

    The other train wreck of a thread talking about having an 80% lower finished by someone else without marking them reminded me of this beautiful fail I stumbled across on GunBroker the other night: "Complete AR15 Milled Lowers... These AR15 lowers are...
  2. Is this a gun in MA?

    Here's a fun query. Is a factory Glock cutaway model a gun under MGL? It's not immediately capable of firing shot as the firing pin is intentionally made too short. I suppose if you replaced the firing pin with a normal one, it would fire a round, but possibly blow up in your hand since the...
  3. Airbnb and Guns

    So I rented an Airbnb house/lodge place in Grafton, VT that sits on 80 acres. Any reason I can't bring machine guns and shoot them on the property? I would pick up after myself, of course.
  4. Rifle Transport Brain Exercise

    Here's a question: What would happen if you carried your scary rifle around (where legal) in a properly locked case that happens to be clear/transparent so people can see it? I know I know - SWAT response, face down on the ground, loss of LTC, etc etc... but are you breaking any MA law? Perhaps...
  5. Auto Glove

    Good lord.
  6. Handguns with Arm Brace

    Seems like this is abusing ATF's reinterpretation...
  7. Full Blown Insanity

    It's not even a new gun...
  8. Magazine Possession Without LTC

    Can a person who doesn't have an LTC possess firearm magazines in MA? I know you need an LTC-A for pre-ban high caps, but what about regular 10rd (or less) mags? No guns, no ammo, just mags.
  9. Hot 9mm?

    Looking for some hotter than usual 9mm FMJ brass ammo to wake up my MP5. Cheap is good too. Any recommendations? I've heard Fiocchi and Sellier & Bellot mentioned.
  10. Chief won't issue MG license

    I'm in the process of opening a small manufacturing & retail gun shop in Lawrence. I have my 07 FFL and about to have my 02 SOT. I live in Billerica and have an unrestricted LTC from there (though I had to wait two years to be 'upgraded' from Target & Hunting). I sent an email to the firearms...
  11. FFL but no state license

    I just received my 07 FFL, but still do not have my MA state dealer's license. Who knows how long that will take. Can I sell guns to out-of-state friends in the meantime without the MA license?
  12. Any distributors or wholesalers sell 80% lowers?

    I just got an FFL for my small machine shop and am looking for a supplier or distributor to buy raw 80% lowers from. I want to finish them to 100%, engrave them with my shop name, and actually make certain 'enhancements' to them for resale. I think the traditional forged lower has room for...
  13. Pre-ban lower into complete rifle, FA10?

    So, let's say this is all hypothetical... just in case. I have several genuine pre-ban (pre-'94) Bushmaster stripped lower receivers that I never FA10'd because, well, they're not firearms capable of firing a shot. Under the AG's new redefinitions, is it still legal to build these lowers into...
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