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  1. WTB 30-30 Win ammo

    Looking for factory 30-30 win ammo; reloads are fine, too. TIA
  2. Wife moved to FL from MA-questions of how to buy

    <<Also, if she still maintains a home in MA, when she comes back to MA on weekends or holidays, she is still a MA resident when she is here.>> that sounds interesting...
  3. Wife moved to FL from MA-questions of how to buy

    Yeah, but I still work here in MA. And there is no job for me in FL. Anyway, she notified the Firearms Records Bureau in Chelsea when she moved. I thought that is all she needed to do. When I visit, we will go check the local gun shops. Dorian did not touch the area at all.
  4. Wife moved to FL from MA-questions of how to buy

    Thanks for all replies. Yes, she did notify MA of moving and yes, she did get FL drivers licence. For obvious reasons: no state tax on her salary in FL and no tourist tax on apartment rent in FL for residents. Anyone knows good friendly shops/FFLs in the Tampa-St Pete areas?
  5. Wife moved to FL from MA-questions of how to buy

    My wife moved to FL from MA because of her work and is renting an apartment there now. I still work in MA and both of us had LTC in MA, but she is now a FL resident. I figure she now has nice gun shops nearby (Tampa area), can we explore this situation to possibly bring pre-94 rifle to MA? She...
  6. Beretta 92X

    How much is 92x gonna cost?
  7. DS-9 carbine from Dark Storm

    amm5061, have you made a DS-15 full rifle? What upper are you planning to put on it? I really want a 9-mm AR carbine, the lighter weight the better. Sig MPX carbine is top-notch but seems too heavy and cost is $1700+. I had a Beretta Storm carbine, but had a hard time with a scope on it. Was...
  8. DS-9 carbine from Dark Storm

    I became interested in the DS-9 9 mm carbine from Dark Storm industries: DS-9 | Dark Storm Industries They list MA-compliant carbines, and these look good. Weight is 6.25 lbs, 0.5 lbs heavier than Beretta CX4 Storm, and cost is 1-1.2K. Does anyone have experience with these carbines? Seems they...
  9. CZ P10 - Improving upon "Perfection"

    I have two and like my CZ P10c very much. They are very ergonomic for me, reliability 100%, triggers are crisp and light and no problems with mag releases, smoothed out totally after a while. ALS holster takes both these and G19 Gen 5, which I also like, but not as much. Shooting head shots at...
  10. LTC Renewal in Salem,MA

    Thank you for the advice. I e-mailed and called Sgt. John Doyle, who is listed as firearms licencing authority on their website. Who is chief?
  11. LTC Renewal in Salem,MA

    Has anyone renewed their LTC in Salem, MA recently? I am trying to renew my LTC as a business owner, no response to my calls/emails from the police. Just silence. How do I get an appointment? Any hints? TIA
  12. New Ruger MKIV a real let down, what gives?

    Your experience with MkIV is strange. I have a blued target MkIV (after recall) and out of the box it has been totally reliable with all sorts of ammo. After running through a few bricks of cheapest CCI and Federal high velocity ammo without issues, I put in a complete Volqartsen trigger kit...
  13. Beretta M9 Thoughts?

    Beretta 92FS is an excellent range/home defense handgun. With Wilson ultrathin grips, short reach trigger and change of springs it can fit small hands and have surprisingly nice smooth trigger. Customizing it is a piece of cake for those who had to deal with the gun in the military. In short...
  14. Ruger brings back the PCC in 9mm?

    Looks interesting, but at 6.8 lbs it is too heavy for a carbine. My Beretta Storm weighs less with a scope. Just saying.
  15. New FN 509 pistol

    How much do they go for in MA? I remember holding a 509 a few months ago and the grip felt comfortable but the trigger was significantly heavier than CZ P-10c, which goes for under $500, but outside of MA. I guess a better comparison would be with M&P compact 2.0. I haven't shot these either.
  16. compact striker pistols accuracy

    Squib308, I think the barrel in Gen5 fits tighter than in Gen4 and is of better quality. There is no reason to use polygonal anymore because of the proven leading problem. I think this is the right move by Glock and Gen5 is the best generation so far. For reference, I have been shooting Glocks...
  17. compact striker pistols accuracy

    I like CZ P-10c more because it fits my hand better than G19. Both are accurate and very reliable.
  18. compact striker pistols accuracy

    With meaty barrels, crisp triggers and very comfortable grip, accuracy of the latest crop of service compact pistols became just great. Who needs a 1911 in 9 mm? Here are my CZ P-10c and G19 Gen5 at 25 yards. Was shooting rapid-fire at a piece of the splatter target and was wearing gloves; it...
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