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  1. David Hogg is making a local stop in January.

    Just got an email from a local restaurant in Shirley that I tend to visit a few times a week. They are hosting him on the 20th of Jan. Tickets | David Hogg | Bull Run Restaurant
  2. WTS Jeep TJ door surround for soft tops

    Location : Leominster/Worcester Description : One (1) pair of OEM door surrounds for Jeep Wranger TJs in great condition. Accessories : OEM hardware included to mount to roll cage. Selling Terms : Cash, preferably face to face. Price : $50 Contact Information: PM Pictures:
  3. Mid 20th Century High Speed Gear

    My Grandfather, like many, answered his country's call during WWII. He passed away in the late 80s. At that time I didn't have the smarts or understanding of life to ask respectful questions, I was just too young. I was more interested in spending time with him tooling around on the tractor...
  4. Requesting a Flag

    I am putting together a shadow box for my father. He retired from the Army some time ago, and I know he misses it. I am trying to get everything together to present it to him at my wedding as a gift in a few months. My question is: is it possible to get a US Flag that was flown in Iraq or...
  5. BCM GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle Mod 4 (medium)

    BCM GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle Mod 4 Being a gear whore and tacticool junkie I needed one of these. Well, more than one, but this is the only one I received before they were back ordered...again. I installed it on my fun gun, a RRA Entry Tactical. Up to this point, I've been running a...
  6. Browning 1922

    It's been sitting in my uncles basement a few states away for a long time. Thanks to my C&R I was finnaly able to get ahold of it. It's a little rough on the outside but all the internals are perfect.
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